Places in Richmond County (Staten Island), New York

Richmond County is one of the five boroughs of New York City, commonly known as Staten Island. Like Queens, Staten Island does not have a traditional division into cities, towns, and villages because it is part of New York City. The area is instead divided into neighborhoods. Here’s an overview of neighborhoods and places in Richmond County (Staten Island), New York:

Cities in Richmond County

  • None (Staten Island itself is a borough of New York City)

Towns in Richmond County

  • None (the area is divided into neighborhoods)

Villages in Richmond County

  • None (the area is divided into neighborhoods)


  • St. George
  • Tompkinsville
  • Stapleton
  • Port Richmond
  • New Brighton
  • Tottenville
  • Great Kills
  • Eltingville
  • Annadale
  • South Beach
  • Midland Beach

Geographic Details

  • Total Area: Approximately 102.5 square miles
  • Land Area: Roughly 58.69 square miles
  • Water Area: About 43.81 square miles, including parts of the Atlantic Ocean, Upper New York Bay, and Lower New York Bay.


  • Staten Island is bordered by New Jersey to the west, Brooklyn to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east.

Major Highways

  • Staten Island Expressway (I-278)
  • Korean War Veterans Parkway
  • West Shore Expressway (NY-440)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway


  • The estimated population of Staten Island is around 495,747 according to the most recent data available.
Richmond County NY map and seal
Richmond County NY map and seal

Places in Richmond County

North Shore

  • St. George: Known for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and Borough Hall.
  • Tompkinsville: Features Tompkinsville Park and known for its burgeoning Little Sri Lanka.
  • Stapleton: Home to the historic Stapleton Heights and Tappen Park.
  • New Brighton: Offers scenic views of New York Harbor.
  • West Brighton: Residential area with a commercial strip along Forest Avenue.

East Shore

  • South Beach: Known for its boardwalk and beach areas.
  • Midland Beach: Another beachfront community adjacent to South Beach.
  • Arrochar: A residential area located near the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.
  • Grasmere: Features scenic lakes and is largely residential.

West Shore

  • Bloomfield: Primarily industrial and commercial spaces.
  • Travis: A historic town often referred to as Travisville.
  • Chelsea: Mainly a commercial and industrial area.

South Shore

  • Annadale: Predominantly residential, known for its greenery.
  • Tottenville: Located at the southern tip, known for its historic homes.
  • Great Kills: Features Great Kills Park and Marina.
  • Eltingville: Residential area with a range of amenities like shops and restaurants.


  • New Dorp: One of Staten Island’s oldest settlements, now a commercial hub.
  • Willowbrook: Known for the College of Staten Island campus.
  • Bulls Head: A commercial and residential neighborhood.

Parks and Natural Areas

  • The Greenbelt: A series of connected parks and natural areas.
  • High Rock Park: Known for its hiking trails.
  • Fresh Kills Park: Once a landfill, it’s being transformed into a park.
  • Wolfe’s Pond Park: Offers a beach, a pond, and hiking trails.

Other Attractions

  • Staten Island Zoo
  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden
  • Historic Richmond Town
  • Fort Wadsworth

Staten Island is known for its suburban feel, natural spaces like the Greenbelt, and attractions like the Staten Island Zoo and the Staten Island Ferry, which provide panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.