Cities, Towns and Villages in Buena Vista County, Iowa

Here is a list of all the cities and towns in Buena Vista County, Iowa:

Buena Vista County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa. As of the 2020 census, the population was 20,823. Its county seat is Storm Lake. The county is named for the final victory of Field General Zachary Taylor in the Mexican–American War.

Here is a list of all the cities and towns in Buena Vista County, Iowa:


  • Albert City
  • Alta
  • Lakeside
  • Linn Grove
  • Marathon
  • Newell
  • Rembrandt
  • Sioux Rapids
  • Storm Lake
  • Truesdale


Buena Vista County is divided into sixteen townships:

  • Barnes
  • Brooke
  • Coon
  • Elk
  • Fairfield
  • Grant
  • Hayes
  • Lee
  • Lincoln
  • Maple Valley
  • Newell
  • Nokomis
  • Poland
  • Providence
  • Scott
  • Washington

There are no villages in Buena Vista County, Iowa

Quick Facts about Buena Vista County, Iowa

Here are some quick facts about Buena Vista County, Iowa:

  • Location: Buena Vista County is situated in northwestern Iowa.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Buena Vista County is Storm Lake.
  • Population: 20,771
  • Economy: Buena Vista County’s economy traditionally has a foundation in agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce.
  • Storm Lake: Storm Lake is the largest city in Buena Vista County and serves as an economic and cultural hub for the region.
  • Buena Vista University: Buena Vista University, a private university, is located in Storm Lake, contributing to the educational and cultural landscape of the county.
  • Storm Lake: The county is home to Storm Lake, a natural glacial lake, offering recreational opportunities such as boating and fishing.
  • Parks and Recreation: Buena Vista County likely offers parks, recreational areas, and outdoor activities for residents and visitors.
  • Historical Sites: The county may have historical sites and landmarks that reflect its cultural heritage.
  • Government: Buena Vista County operates under a county board form of government.
  • Official Website:

How much of Iowa is in poverty?

  • In 2022, about 11 percent of Iowa’s population lived below the poverty line.

What are the 5 poorest states?

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Is Iowa a good place to live?

  • The crime rate in Iowa is lower than in the rest of America. There are 20% fewer violent crimes and 10% fewer property crimes when compared to national averages. Iowans are comfortable having dogs as a warning system to let the homeowners know someone is coming for a visit.

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