Cities, Neighborhoods and Communities in Juneau Borough

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of Southeast Alaska, Juneau City and Borough stand as a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant urban life.

As the state capital of Alaska, Juneau is not only the political heart of the Last Frontier but also a gateway to some of the most stunning wilderness areas on the planet. With a unique combination of coastal charm, outdoor adventures, and cultural richness, Juneau is a place where the wild beauty of Alaska meets the modern amenities of a vibrant city.

Here is a complete list of cities, neighborhoods, and communities in Juneau City and Borough, Alaska.


  • Juneau City


  1. Downtown Juneau
  2. Douglas
  3. Lemon Creek
  4. Mendenhall Valley
  5. Auke Bay
  6. North Douglas
  7. West Juneau
  8. Indian
  9. Airport District
  10. Salmon Creek

Communities in Juneau Borough

  1. Juneau
  2. Douglas
  3. Mendenhall Valley
  4. Auke Bay
  5. North Douglas
  6. West Junea
  7.  Indian

Quick Facts

Here is a table of quick facts about Juneau City, Alaska:

Attribute Information
Location Southeast Alaska, Inside Passage
Population 31,973 (2021)
Role Capital of Alaska
Area 8,430 km²
Geography Coastal, fjords, rainforests, and mountains
Economy Government, tourism, fishing, and services
Cultural Heritage Tlingit and Haida indigenous cultures
Outdoor Activities Hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and more
Notable Attractions Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska State Capitol, Juneau-Douglas Bridge
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What is Juneau Alaska best known for?

  • Juneau is well-known for being the political heart of the state. The Alaska State Capitol is located in Juneau, making it the center of government and legislative activities in Alaska. Stunning Scenery, Outdoor Adventures, Tlingit Culture, Tourism, Alaska Marine Highway, Whale Watching: Unique Location, Community Spirit, and Outdoor Festivals.

What country is Juneau Alaska in?

  • Juneau is not a separate country; it is a city in the United States. Specifically, Juneau is the capital city of the U.S. state of Alaska. Alaska is the largest and northernmost state in the United States, and Juneau serves as the state’s capital, making it an important administrative and political center within the country.

What state does Juneau Alaska belong to?