Provinces in Burundi


Here is a list of all the provinces of Burundi:

All 18 Provinces in Burundi

  1. Bubanza
  2. Bujumbura Mairie
  3. Bujumbura Rural
  4. Bururi
  5. Cankuzo
  6. Cibitoke
  7. Gitega
  8. Karuzi
  9. Kayanza
  10. Kirundo
  11. Makamba
  12. Muramvya
  13. Muyinga
  14. Mwaro
  15. Ngozi
  16. Rumonge
  17. Rutana
  18. Ruyigi
Burundi flag and coat of arm
Burundi flag and coat of arm


Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location East Africa
Capital Bujumbura
Official Language Kirundi, French, and English
Population Approximately 11 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 27,834 square kilometers (10,747 square miles)
Geography Landlocked with hilly and mountainous terrain
Independence From Belgium on July 1, 1962
Government Presidential republic
Currency Burundian Franc (BIF)
Notable Places Karera Waterfalls, Rusizi National Park, Lake Tanganyika
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What are the 18 provinces of Burundi?

The eighteen provinces are listed above

How is Burundi divided?

Burundi is divided into three main levels of administrative divisions:

  • Provinces: Burundi is divided into 18 provinces, which are further divided into communes.
  • Communes: Each province is subdivided into communes. There are a total of 129 communes in Burundi.
  • Collines: Communes are further divided into smaller units called collines, which are essentially hills or neighborhoods. Each level of administrative division plays a specific role in governance and local administration.

The provincial level serves as the highest level of administration within the country, while communes and collines handle more localized affairs.

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