Fuel Station Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Fuel Station Job in the USA with a Visa Sponsorship.

Offering services as an attendant in fuel stations is one of the most numerous jobs in the United States. Employers expect employees in this category to attend to customers by filling their cars’ tanks with designated fuel pumps. 

Irrespective of the stations’ locations, such employment offers provide immigrants and citizens with stable opportunities to earn a living and live comfortably. 

There are different ranges of earnings for this offer, with supporting factors being the station’s location and the employees’ years of experience. 

For instance, stations in San Francisco offer as much as 17.86 dollars pay hour, while those in New York City offer within the range of 15 dollars per hour.

On the other hand, employees with up to 5 years of experience in this area can earn as high as 13 dollars, while those with less than five years can earn as low as 10 dollars in one hour. 

Beyond this, job seekers in this category also enjoy getting support for their visas. This is overwhelming, as the employers assist in sponsoring their visa processes and payments. 

Regardless of the above offerings, many people have substantial limitations on claiming them. The lack of clear and valuable information remains the utmost restraint. 

You are on the right track and platform to read this article now. This is true because reading till the end will strengthen your resolve to take a bold step towards gaining employment as a fuel attendant in the States with Visa support.

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Job Responsibilities

Stations’ fuel attendants function within designated responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Operating assigned machines with care and proficiency 
  • Keeping the environment clean and appealing 
  • Involved in marketing unspecific products like tickets, Oil, etc.
  • Providing high-profile customer service as stations’ representatives. 

Payment Rates Per Locations 

San Francisco, CA

Earnings in this location fall within the range of 17.86 dollars each hour. This location provides the highest payment range. 

New York, NY, Boston, MA, and Washington DC

In these locations, fuel stations have 15.86 dollars paid per hour. 

San Jose, CA

Here, employees make hourly earnings of 15.24 dollars. 

Anchorage, AK 

Stations operating within this location place their employees within 14.74 dollars every hour. 

Honolulu, HI

Those stations within this location place their employees at 14.58 dollars per hour.

Hiring Locations

Many stations in California, New York, Washington, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and others are hiring. Follow links on LinkedIn, Indeed, Jooble, and other trusted websites. 

Application Tips 

Following the steps below puts you closer to an employment offer at a petrol station. 

  1. Ensure to search for opportunities on the internet, from friends, etc. 
  2. Submit your clear and enticing curriculum vitae to your latent employers.
  3. Make adequate preparations for interaction with contracted companies if you are found valuable. 
  4. Unsatisfactory interaction with your employer will enforce their desire to petition immigration authorities in the United States to mark the beginning of your visa application process. 

You would be glad you did if you took a bold step now. The above presents a viable guide to your journey to landing a job as a gasoline attendant in the US with a support visa

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