Annalise Marlon Bishop Profile, Birth/Parentage, Hobbies And Skill Set

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Annalise Marlon Bishop is the youngest member of the well celebrated singer, songwriter and big screen favorite’s family. She was born late in the year 2008 through his then ex-girlfriend. She is last child of the popular comedian and 55-year-old producer Eric Bishop better known by his stage name, Jamie Foxx. Very little is shared publicly about her except glimpses shared directly or when she shows up with her father on occasions for the silver screen. Although the sightings with her father have been on multiple occasions ever since she was just a young child, very little facts is known about the young starlet.

The young girl who recently clocked 14 is an American National by birth, resides with a full staff in her father’s mansion at Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is the less-recognized half-sister of the 27-year old Corrine Foxx who has gone on to become an American celebrity and actress.

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Annalise Bishop Profile

The young child of the star, Popular Comedian and songwriter named Annalise Eric Bishop, has her birth date on the 3rd of October 2008 and she recently turned 14 years. She was born at Los Angeles, California and is an American citizen by birth. She is of mixed ethnicity, having a beautiful mix of black and Caucasian features no doubt dubbing from her mother and father.  She is identified on sight by her beautiful, full head of brown, curly hair.


Annalise Eric Bishop was born to Eric Marlon Bishop, a.k.a “Jamie Foxx” and therapist Kristin Grannis. The second child and the youngest member of the Foxx clan, is recognized publicly as the child to the famous Jamie Foxx who is well-known as an actor, comedian and producer. Her mother, however, is not so well known. Kristin Grannis is a professional family and relationship psychotherapist who practices with attachment-based and culturally sensitive approaches. She remained with Jamie Foxx, a little discreetly up till 2013 when she moved on to Agoura Hills, California.
Privacy for the young member of the Foxx family was sealed because she started living with her father, Jamie in his 17,000 square foot mansion, which he purchased in 2007. Her parents, who weren’t married, moved away from each other in 2013 allegedly due to her father’s affairs with other people. His connection to Katie Holmes working primarily as the trigger why their relationship ended.

Hobbies And Skill Set

The Foxx family have an impressive history; with her mother as a therapist and her father and half-sister doing quite well in the acting industry amongst other engagements, there are great hopes for the young girl.
Unlike most family members, who have established careers, Miss Annalise is still perfecting her skills and finding her niche and skills.


So far, it has been noted that she is a great basketball fan and has taken her love many steps further. She has taken a lot of interest in the game, practising and playing basketball avidly. It seems that she is the one that will bring her father’s dream of playing for the Los Angeles Sparks to life.  He commented on Good Morning America that she was so good she gave the boys a good competition.


Her popular father has also shared about her love for music and her prowess at the piano. She is known to play his songs efficiently as they have a singalong together at home.
Truly, there is much in the way of a future for the young Annalise Foxx with her father’s guidance and protection. It is evident that she will one day be the center of attention on our screens.

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Who is the father of Annalise Bishop?
Jamie Foxx

Who is the mother of Annalise Bishop?
Kristin Grannis

Who is Annalise Bishop?
Jamie Foxx’s Daughter

Why is Jamie Foxx’s daughter’s last name, Bishop?

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