Cities, Towns and Villages in Yuma County, Arizona

List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Yuma County, Arizona

Yuma County is located in the southwestern corner of the state of Arizona, United States. It is one of the 15 counties in Arizona and is situated along the state’s border with California to the west and Mexico to the south. The county seat of Yuma County is the city of Yuma.


  • Yuma (County Seat)
  • San Luis


  • Somerton
  • Wellton
  • Gadsden

Villages in Yuma County, Arizona

There are no Villages in Yuma County, Arizona

Quick Facts about Yuma County, Arizona

  • County Seat: Yuma
  • Founded: 1864
  • Named After: Yuma people
  • Area: Approximately 5,519 square miles
  • Population (as of the 2020 Census): 222,636
  • Major Rivers: Colorado River
  • Notable Features: Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, Castle Dome Mines Museum and Ghost Town, Imperial Sand Dunes
  • Economy: Yuma County’s economy is influenced by agriculture, military presence, and tourism.
  • History: Yuma County has a history tied to early exploration, the Old West, and the development of water resources for agriculture.
  • Outdoor Activities: The county offers outdoor activities such as boating on the Colorado River, exploring historic sites, and enjoying the desert landscape.
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What is the historical significance of Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park?

The prison operated from 1876 to 1909 and housed some of the Old West’s most notorious criminals. It is now a museum showcasing Arizona’s territorial prison history.

Are there recreational opportunities along the Colorado River in Yuma County?

Yes, residents and visitors can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking along the Colorado River.

What is the Imperial Sand Dunes, and why are they notable?

The Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as the Algodones Dunes, are a vast sand dune system popular for off-road vehicle recreation and unique desert scenery.

How does agriculture contribute to Yuma County’s economy?

Yuma County is known as the “Winter Lettuce Capital of the World” due to its extensive agriculture, especially in the cultivation of lettuce and other vegetables during the winter months.

Yuma County, Arizona map
Yuma County, Arizona map

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