Cities, Towns and Villages in Charlton County, Georgia

Full List of Cities, Towns and Villages in Charlton County, Georgia

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Georgia, Charlton County stands as a haven of natural beauty, historical significance, and a tight-knit community. Established in 1854 and named after Robert M. Charlton, a U.S. Senator from Georgia, the county boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes ranging from pristine rivers and swamps to expansive pine forests.

Full List of Cities, Towns and Villages in Charlton County, Georgia:


  • Folkston
  • Homeland
  • Clarking
  • Ferry Landing
  • Boggy
  • Cypress Siding


  • Layton
  • Mattox
  • McLeods  Mill
  • Moniac
  • Newell
  • Oakdale
  • Paxton


  • Pinehurst
  • Racepond
  • Saint George
  • Silver Hill
  • Stanley Landing
  • Stokesville
  • Toledo
  • Traders Hill
  • Uptonville

Quick Facts about Charlton County, Georgia:

  • County Seat: Folkston
  • Founded: Charlton County was created on February 18, 1854.
  • Named After: Robert M. Charlton, a U.S. Senator from Georgia.
  • Area: Charlton County has a total area of approximately 782 square miles.
  • Population: The population of Charlton County is around 12,623.
  • Geography: Located in southeast Georgia, Folkston is the largest city and the county seat.
  • Economy: The county’s economy historically depended on agriculture, timber, and naval stores. Tourism, particularly with the nearby Okefenokee Swamp, is also a significant factor.
  • Education: Charlton County is served by the Charlton County School District.
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What is the phone number for the Charlton County Tax Assessor?

  • The Charlton County Board of Tax Assessor’s Office should be contacted for more information on property values. The phone number for the Tax Assessor is 912-496-7437.

How big is Charlton County GA?

  • Charlton County, in southeast Georgia, is the state’s 111th county. Comprising 781 square miles, the county borders Florida and includes most of the Okefenokee Swamp. It was carved from a part of Camden County and officially recognized by the state legislature in 1854.

What is the county seat of Charlton County?

  • The City of Folkston serves as the county seat for Charlton County.

What are the demographics of Charlton County GA?

  • The largest Charlton County racial/ethnic groups are White (61.0%) followed by Black (27.3%) and Hispanic (6.7%).
Charlton County, Georgia map
Charlton County, Georgia map