Cities, Towns and Communities in Hamilton County Indiana

Here is a complete list of cities, towns, communities and township in Hamilton County, Indiana


  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Noblesville (county seat)
  • Westfield


  • Arcadia
  • Atlanta
  • Cicero

Unincorporated Communities

  • Durbin
  • Ekin
  • Omega
  • Sheridan
  • Adams Township
  • Clay Township
  • Delaware Township
  • Fall Creek Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Noblesville Township
  • Washington Township
  • Wayne Township
  • White River Township

Quick Facts

  • Location: Hamilton County is situated in the central part of the state of Indiana, in the Midwestern United States.
  • County Seat: The county seat of Hamilton County is Noblesville.
  • Population: As of the last recorded data, the population of Hamilton County was around 350,000 people.
  • Area: The total area of Hamilton County covers approximately 402 square miles (1,041 square kilometers).
  • Geography: The county features a mix of suburban and rural areas. It is known for its gently rolling terrain, farmland, and proximity to the metropolitan area of Indianapolis.
  • Notable Places: Notable places in Hamilton County include Conner Prairie (a living history museum), Ruoff Music Center (an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and events), and the historic downtown area of Noblesville
  • Economy: Hamilton County has a strong and diverse economy, with sectors such as healthcare, technology, education, and retail playing significant roles. The county has a reputation for being a desirable area for business and residential development.
  • Education: The county is home to several school districts known for their quality education, including Hamilton Southeastern Schools and Noblesville Schools. Additionally, there are higher education institutions and vocational schools in the area.
  • History: Hamilton County was established in 1823 and was named after Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The county has a rich history tied to its agricultural heritage and growth as a suburban area adjacent to Indianapolis.
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What is Hamilton County Indiana famous for?

  • Quality of Life: The county is known for offering a high quality of life, with excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and a thriving community. It consistently ranks among the best places to live in Indiana and the United States.
  • Economic Growth: Hamilton County has experienced significant economic growth, attracting various industries, businesses, and retail establishments. Its proximity to Indianapolis has contributed to its development as a suburban area with a strong economy.
  • Cultural and Recreational Attractions: The county boasts cultural attractions like Conner Prairie, an interactive history museum, and the Ruoff Music Center, hosting concerts and events. There are also recreational areas, parks, and trails providing ample outdoor activities.
  • Education: Hamilton County is known for its excellent educational system, with top-rated school districts and a focus on providing quality education to its residents. It attracts families seeking high-quality schooling options.
  • Desirable Residential Area: The county is considered an attractive residential area due to its well-planned communities, recreational opportunities, access to amenities, and a robust housing market.

How big is Hamilton County Indiana?

Hamilton County, Indiana, covers an area of approximately 402 square miles (1,041 square kilometers).

What is the largest town in Hamilton County Indiana?

The largest town in Hamilton County, Indiana, is Fishers.

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