214 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Create with Sewing Projects

Over 200 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas Sewing Projects

Explore this list of 214 Christmas gift ideas that involve sewing projects. Discover a variety of creative and unique presents that you can make through sewing.

Whether you’re a seasoned sewer or just starting, there’s something for everyone on this list.

From handmade ornaments to personalized accessories, these sewing projects offer thoughtful gift options.

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Create with Sewing Projects

Get inspired to craft heartfelt gifts for your loved ones with these sewing project ideas.

Here’s a list of 214 Christmas gift ideas that involve sewing projects:

14 Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts To Sew

  1. Quilted Table Runner
  2. Personalized Christmas Stockings
  3. Festive Holiday Pillow Covers
  4. Fabric Advent Calendar
  5. Christmas Tree Skirt
  6. Reusable Fabric Gift Bags
  7. Embroidered Hand Towels
  8. Patchwork Throw Blanket
  9. Fabric Ornaments
  10. Cute Holiday Apron
  11. Felt Gingerbread House
  12. Holiday-themed Fabric Coasters
  13. Fabric Gift Card Holders
  14. Christmas Pajama Set

10+ Last Minute Christmas Gifts to Sew

  • Customized Fabric Bookmarks
  • Felt Christmas Wreath
  • Kitchen Appliance Covers
  • Christmas Bunting Banner
  • Fabric Wine Tote
  • Holiday-themed Placemats
  • Santa Hat
  • Embroidered Napkin Set
  • Winter Scarf and Hat Set
  • Felt Reindeer Ornaments
  • Quilted Pot Holders
  • Fabric Wall Hanging

11+ Christmas Gifts to Sew {Best Sewing Christmas Gifts}

  • Christmas-themed Mug Rugs
  • Fabric Keychain
  • Festive Tablecloth
  • Winter-themed Throw Pillows
  • Fabric Advent Wreath
  • Snowman Softie
  • Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
  • Fabric Book Cover
  • Handmade Fabric Doll
  • Quilted Tote Bag
  • Felt Santa Claus
  • Fabric Bookmark

12 Christmas Gifts to Sew that People Will Love

  1. Christmas-themed Kitchen Towels
  2. Fabric Headbands
  3. Holiday-themed Hot Pads
  4. Fabric Journal Cover
  5. Christmas Quilted Wall Art
  6. Reversible Fabric Bowl Covers
  7. Festive Fabric Banner
  8. Quilted Mug Cozy
  9. Christmas-themed Fabric Napkin Rings
  10. Fabric Doll Clothes
  11. Embroidered Christmas Cards
  12. Felt Snowflake Ornaments

14 Best Christmas sewing projects ideas in 2023

  1. Holiday-themed Plushies
  2. Fabric Patchwork Scarf
  3. Christmas-themed Apron
  4. Fabric Greeting Cards
  5. Embroidered Holiday Table Runner
  6. Quilted Laptop Sleeve
  7. Fabric Key Fob
  8. Felt Nativity Scene
  9. Christmas-themed Potpourri Sachets
  10. Fabric-covered Journal
  11. Holiday-themed Wall Organizer
  12. Quilted Wine Bottle Bag
  13. Felt Christmas Countdown Calendar
  14. Fabric Covered Photo Album

Easy Sew Christmas Gifts

  • Embroidered Tea Towels
  • Christmas-themed Pillow Shams
  • Fabric Eyeglass Case
  • Festive Fabric Wall Clock
  • Quilted Oven Mitts
  • Fabric Cozy for Electronic Devices
  • Christmas-themed Patchwork Blanket
  • Felt Angel Ornaments
  • Holiday-themed Quilted Placemats
  • Fabric Passport Holder
  • Quilted Tissue Box Cover
  • Embroidered Cloth Diapers (for baby’s first Christmas)
  • Christmas-themed Fabric Bin

11 Christmas Gifts to Sew That People ACTUALLY WANT 2023

  1. Fabric-covered Plant Pots
  2. Felt Christmas Card Holder
  3. Festive Fabric Bookmarks
  4. Quilted Glasses Case
  5. Fabric Grocery Bag Holder
  6. Christmas-themed Fabric Journal
  7. Fabric-covered Bulletin Board
  8. Embroidered Christmas Onesies
  9. Quilted Laptop Bag
  10. Festive Fabric Wall Hanging
  11. Fabric Scraps Keychain

13 Best Christmas Sewing Projects ideas in 2023

  1. Christmas-themed Fabric Tray
  2. Quilted Pet Bed
  3. Fabric Bookmark with Beads
  4. Felt Christmas Tree Skirt
  5. Embroidered Baby Bibs (Christmas Edition)
  6. Fabric-covered Charger Cord Organizer
  7. Christmas-themed Fabric Memory Game
  8. Quilted Casserole Dish Carrier
  9. Fabric Jewelry Pouch
  10. Festive Fabric Wall Pocket Organizer
  11. Embroidered Handkerchiefs
  12. Christmas-themed Fabric Dog Collar
  13. Quilted Tumbler Cozy

7+ Easy Diy Christmas Gifts To Sew (This Christmas!)

  • Fabric-covered Desk Organizer
  • Fabric Book Sleeve
  • Felt Christmas Mittens
  • Holiday-themed Fabric Scrunchies
  • Quilted Chair Cushions
  • Fabric Baby Shoes (Christmas Edition)
  • Embroidered Christmas Towel Set
  • Christmas-themed Fabric Lanyard

11 Christmas gifts to sew

  1. Fabric-covered Flower Pots
  2. Festive Fabric Sunglasses Case
  3. Quilted Pillow Bed for Pets
  4. Fabric Embroidered Pillowcases
  5. Holiday-themed Fabric Head Wrap
  6. Quilted Baby Blanket
  7. Fabric Wine Glass Charms
  8. Embroidered Christmas Plush Toys
  9. Christmas-themed Fabric Hair Clips
  10. Fabric-covered Notebooks
  11. Felt Christmas Finger Puppets

9 More Sewable Christmas Gifts for Friends & Family

  1. Quilted Diaper Clutch
  2. Fabric Laundry Bag
  3. Festive Fabric Pot Holders
  4. Embroidered Christmas Apron
  5. Christmas-themed Fabric Passport Cover
  6. Quilted Cosmetic Bag
  7. Fabric Eyeglass Holder
  8. Fabric-covered Journal with Pen Holder
  9. Embroidered Christmas Baby Shoes

10 quick gifts to sew when you’re short of time

  1. Holiday-themed Fabric Wall Art
  2. Fabric Travel Pillow
  3. Felt Christmas Fingerless Gloves
  4. Quilted Picnic Blanket
  5. Fabric Mouse Pad
  6. Christmas-themed Fabric Bracelets
  7. Fabric-covered Desk Calendar
  8. Embroidered Christmas Pillow Shams
  9. Festive Fabric Face Masks
  10. Quilted Grocery Bag Holder

15 of the best Christmas sewing patterns

  1. Fabric Baby Blanket (Christmas Edition)
  2. Fabric-covered Plant Pot Cozy
  3. Christmas-themed Fabric Dog Bandana
  4. Fabric-covered Journal with Pockets
  5. Embroidered Christmas Baby Onesies
  6. Quilted Tablet Sleeve
  7. Fabric Dish Soap Dispenser Cover
  8. Fabric-covered Clipboard
  9. Festive Fabric Baby Bibs
  10. Fabric-covered Flower Pot Tray
  11. Embroidered Christmas Tea Cozy
  12. Christmas-themed Fabric Cuff Bracelets
  13. Quilted Cassette Tape Holder
  14. Fabric Sun Hat (Christmas Edition)
  15. Fabric-covered Plant Hanger

Last-minute Handmade Gifts

  • Fabric Oven Mitts
  • Embroidered Christmas Finger Towels
  • Holiday-themed Fabric Pencil Case
  • Quilted Bible Cover
  • Fabric Camera Strap Cover
  • Fabric-covered Desk Accessories Set

Great Sewing Christmas Gifts Ideas For Everyone On Your List

  • Felt Christmas Garland
  • Fabric-covered Plant Pot Saucer
  • Embroidered Christmas Pillowcases
  • Christmas-themed Fabric Necklace
  • Quilted Passport Holder
  • Fabric Baby Burp Cloths (Christmas Edition)
  • Fabric Shoe Bag
  • Festive Fabric Table Numbers
  • Fabric-covered Journals with Matching Pens
  • Embroidered Christmas Dish Towels
  • Holiday-themed Fabric Coffee Cozy
  • Quilted Yoga Mat Bag
  • Fabric Baby Quilt (Christmas Edition)
  • Fabric-covered Doorstop


  • Fabric Scarf Camera Strap
  • Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth
  • Christmas-themed Fabric Handbag
  • Fabric-covered Wall Clock
  • Quilted Door Draft Stopper
  • Festive Fabric Journal with Zipper Pouch
  • Fabric-covered Light Switch Cover
  • Embroidered Christmas Coasters
  • Holiday-themed Fabric Bracelet Set
  • Quilted Laptop Sleeve with Handles
  • Fabric Dog Bed Cover (Christmas Edition)
  • Fabric-covered Door Wreath
  • Fabric Belt Pouch

14 Easy Christmas Sewing Gifts for your Friends and Family.

  1. Festive Fabric Wall Tapestry
  2. Embroidered Christmas Placemats
  3. Christmas-themed Fabric Knitting Bag
  4. Quilted Tote Bag with Zipper
  5. Fabric Glasses Case
  6. Fabric-covered Jewelry Organizer
  7. Embroidered Christmas Oven Mitts
  8. Holiday-themed Fabric Book Cover
  9. Quilted Water Bottle Holder
  10. Fabric Tablet Stand
  11. Felt Christmas Door Hanger
  12. Fabric Baby Changing Mat (Christmas Edition)
  13. Fabric-covered Door Pillow
  14. Embroidered Christmas Napkin Rings

12+ Favorite Christmas Sewing Projects

  • Christmas-themed Fabric Wall Pocket Organizer
  • Quilted Jewelry Roll
  • Fabric-covered Plant Pot Holder
  • Fabric Bookshelf Organizer
  • Festive Fabric Bookends
  • Embroidered Christmas Table Runner
  • Holiday-themed Fabric Wine Bottle Bag
  • Quilted Beach Tote Bag
  • Fabric Passport Holder with Pockets
  • Fabric Art Portfolio
  • Embroidered Christmas Throw Pillows
  • Christmas-themed Fabric Book Weight
  • Fabric-covered Plant Pot Coaster

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