85+ Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

85+ Great Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

Explore a diverse selection of over 85 non-toy Christmas gift ideas in our curated list. Discover thoughtful and unique presents that go beyond traditional toys.

From practical items to experiential gifts, this collection offers a wide range of options for all ages.

Make this holiday season memorable with meaningful presents that bring joy without adding to the toy collection.

Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and practical gifts that enhance their daily lives. 

Here’s a list of of Over 85 Christmas gift ideas that are not toys:

Best Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

  1. Personalized Storybook
  2. Kids’ Cooking Class Subscription
  3. Interactive Science Kit
  4. Art Supplies Set
  5. Junior Gardening Kit
  6. Advent Calendar with Treats
  7. Kids’ Cooking Utensils
  8. Educational Board Games
  9. Children’s Magazine Subscription
  10. DIY Craft Kits

Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Junior Chef Apron and Hat
  • Storytelling Podcast Subscription
  • Kid-Friendly Cookware Set
  • Musical Instrument (e.g., Ukulele)
  • Kids’ Baking Set
  • Outdoor Adventure Gear
  • Robotics Kit for Kids
  • Junior Science Experiments Book
  • Art Easel with Supplies
  • Children’s Cookbook
  • Educational Puzzle Sets
  • Nature Exploration Kit
  • Cooking Class Gift Certificate
  • Children’s Science Magazine
  • DIY Tie-Dye Kit
  • Kids’ Yoga Mat

10 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Children That Are Not Toys (Meaningful Gifts They’ll LOVE!)

  1. Audio Storytelling Device
  2. Junior Gardening Gloves
  3. Educational Flashcards
  4. Personalized Coloring Book
  5. Children’s Cooking Classes
  6. DIY Jewelry Making Kit
  7. Kids’ Gardening Set
  8. Children’s Audiobooks Subscription
  9. Cooking Apron with Personalization
  10. Musical Instrument Lessons

Cool Non-Toy Xmas Gifts for Kids in 2023 (No Junk Gift)

  • Kids’ Nature Exploration Set
  • Children’s Science Kit
  • DIY Craft Workshop Voucher
  • Educational Board Game Subscription
  • Interactive Storytelling Globe
  • Junior Art Lessons
  • Kids’ Outdoor Exploration Tools
  • Children’s Educational DVDs
  • Robotics Workshop Experience
  • Art Supplies Subscription Box

The Ultimate List of 10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

  1. Kids’ Cooking Class Passes
  2. Educational Apps Subscription
  3. DIY Craft Supplies Basket
  4. Personalized Kids’ Cookbook
  5. Children’s Music Classes
  6. Kids’ Adventure Book Series
  7. Cooking Ingredients Subscription
  8. Junior Astronomy Kit
  9. Educational Puzzle Book
  10. DIY Science Experiment Kits

A Thoughtful Non-Toy Xmas Gift: 14+ Gift Ideas for Kids

  • Kids’ Dance Classes
  • Children’s Yoga Classes
  • Personalized Kids’ Apron
  • Kids’ Art Workshop Passes
  • Cooking Class Gift Card
  • Educational Board Game Set
  • DIY Pottery Kit
  • Children’s Outdoor Adventure Book
  • Junior Gardening Workshop
  • Kids’ Science Magazine Subscription
  • Personalized Kids’ Art Supplies
  • Children’s Cooking Workshop
  • DIY Craft Class Passes
  • Educational Board Game Passes
  • Kids’ Baking Class Passes

The Very Best Practical Christmas Gifts for Kids That Are Not Toys

  • Junior Robotics Workshop
  • Art Supplies Gift Card
  • Children’s Nature Exploration Book
  • Cooking Class Workshop Passes
  • Educational Puzzle Workshop
  • DIY Craft Store Gift Card
  • Kids’ Music Lessons
  • Personalized Storybook Subscription
  • Children’s Science Class Passes
  • Junior Gardening Class Passes
  • DIY Craft Workshop Passes
  • Art Supplies Store Gift Card
  • Children’s Baking Class Passes
  • Junior Science Workshop Passes
  • Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Passes
Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys
Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Not Toys

Our list of over 85 great Christmas gift ideas that aren’t toys will make it easy for you to find the right gift for anyone.

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