250+ Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Non Material

Over 250 Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Non Material

Explore a diverse collection of over 250 Christmas gift ideas that go beyond material possessions.

From experiences and subscriptions to acts of kindness and charitable donations, this list offers unique and meaningful ways to celebrate the holiday season.

Consider gifting memorable moments, skills, or contributions to causes your loved ones care about.

Break away from traditional material gifts and embrace the joy of giving intangible and impactful presents this Christmas.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Non Material

  1. Experience Gift Cards (spa day, cooking class, etc.)
  2. Subscription to a Streaming Service
  3. Online Course or Workshop
  4. Virtual Escape Room Experience
  5. Digital Magazine Subscription
  6. Audiobook Subscription
  7. Online Fitness Classes Membership
  8. Donation to a Charitable Cause in Their Name
  9. Personalized Playlist
  10. Virtual Wine or Beer Tasting
  11. Customized Digital Artwork
  12. E-books or Kindle Gift Card

Twelve unique non-material Christmas gift ideas

  1. Language Learning App Subscription
  2. Virtual Concert Tickets
  3. Online Gaming Gift Card
  4. Virtual Reality Experience
  5. Customized Zoom Backgrounds
  6. Meditation App Subscription
  7. Online Photography Class
  8. Virtual Personal Styling Session
  9. Podcast Subscription
  10. Customized Online Cooking Class
  11. E-gift Cards for Food Delivery
  12. Airbnb Gift Card

12 Non-Materialistic Gifts For Any Budget (2023)

  1. Online Plant Shopping Gift Card
  2. Virtual Museum Tour
  3. Skillshare Membership
  4. Customized Online Yoga Classes
  5. E-gift Cards for a Local Coffee Shop
  6. Online Escape Room Game
  7. Virtual Shopping Spree
  8. Customized Online Art Class
  9. Movie Night Gift Card (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
  10. Digital Comic Book Subscription
  11. Virtual Hiking or Nature Tour
  12. E-gift Cards for Home Improvement Stores

17 Incredibly Thoughtful Non-Material Gift Ideas

  1. Online Writing Workshop
  2. Virtual Dance Class
  3. Customized Online Guitar Lessons
  4. Subscription to a Digital Newspaper
  5. E-gift Cards for Clothing Stores
  6. Online Astronomy Class
  7. Virtual Beer Tasting Class
  8. Digital Puzzle Subscription
  9. E-gift Cards for Bookstores
  10. Online Coding Course
  11. Virtual Reality Fitness Classes
  12. E-gift Cards for Tech Gadgets
  13. Customized Online Calligraphy Class
  14. Subscription to a Mindfulness App
  15. Virtual Magic Show Experience
  16. E-gift Cards for Home Décor Stores
  17. Online Pottery Class

Clutter-Free Christmas – 15+ Non-Stuff Gift Ideas

  • Virtual History Tour
  • Donation to Environmental Organizations
  • Virtual Art Gallery Tour
  • E-gift Cards for Outdoor Gear
  • Online Gardening Workshop
  • Virtual Science Experiment Class
  • Digital Subscription to a Travel Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Music Downloads
  • Customized Online Knitting Class
  • Virtual Comedy Show Tickets
  • E-gift Cards for Beauty Products
  • Online Personal Finance Course
  • Virtual Trivia Night Experience
  • Donation to Animal Welfare Organizations
  • E-gift Cards for Pet Supplies
  • Online Graphic Design Workshop
  • Virtual Improv Comedy Class
  • Customized Online Makeup Tutorial

Best Non-Materialistic Gifts

  • E-gift Cards for Streaming Music
  • Virtual Cooking Challenge Experience
  • Online Parenting Workshop
  • Donation to Children’s Charities
  • Virtual Poetry Writing Class
  • E-gift Cards for Apparel Stores
  • Online Painting Class
  • Customized Virtual Mixology Class
  • Virtual Storytelling Session
  • E-gift Cards for Art Supplies
  • Online Interior Design Course
  • Virtual DIY Craft Workshop

10 Non-Material Gifts That Come Straight from the Heart

  1. Donation to Educational Charities
  2. E-gift Cards for Electronic Gadgets
  3. Virtual Personal Development Seminar
  4. Online Guitar Lesson Subscription
  5. E-gift Cards for Jewelry Stores
  6. Virtual Astronomy Workshop
  7. Customized Online Pilates Class
  8. Donation to Health Charities
  9. E-gift Cards for Sporting Goods
  10. Online Stress Management Course

Top 16 Non-Materialistic Gift Ideas

  1. Virtual Escape Room Subscription
  2. E-gift Cards for Gaming Stores
  3. Customized Online Acting Class
  4. Virtual Music Composition Workshop
  5. Donation to Humanitarian Organizations
  6. E-gift Cards for Home Appliance Stores
  7. Online DIY Home Improvement Class
  8. Virtual Language Exchange Experience
  9. E-gift Cards for Office Supplies
  10. Customized Online Meditation Class
  11. Virtual Wildlife Safari Tour
  12. Donation to Disaster Relief Organizations
  13. E-gift Cards for Outdoor Clothing
  14. Online Mindfulness Meditation Course
  15. Virtual Dance Party Experience
  16. E-gift Cards for Plant Nurseries

13+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff

  1. Customized Virtual Pottery Class
  2. Virtual History Lecture Series
  3. Digital Subscription to a Science Magazine
  4. E-gift Cards for Kitchen Appliances
  5. Online Feng Shui Workshop
  6. Virtual Sustainable Living Seminar
  7. Donation to Social Justice Organizations
  8. E-gift Cards for Home Goods Stores
  9. Customized Online Singing Lessons
  10. Virtual Book Club Subscription
  11. Online Photography Editing Class
  12. E-gift Cards for Tech Accessories
  13. Virtual DIY Home Décor Workshop
  14. Donation to LGBTQ+ Charities

16 Amazing Non-Material Gift Ideas for 2023

  1. E-gift Cards for Grocery Stores
  2. Online Personal Branding Course
  3. Virtual Coffee Tasting Experience
  4. Customized Online Fitness Challenge
  5. Digital Subscription to a History Magazine
  6. E-gift Cards for Fashion Accessories
  7. Virtual Outdoor Adventure Tour
  8. Online Digital Marketing Workshop
  9. Donation to Mental Health Organizations
  10. E-gift Cards for Outdoor Furniture
  11. Virtual DIY Skincare Class
  12. Customized Online Comedy Writing Workshop
  13. Virtual Wildlife Conservation Tour
  14. E-gift Cards for Craft Supplies
  15. Online Sustainable Living Course
  16. Digital Subscription to a Fashion Magazine

17 Non-Material Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Virtual DIY Home Organization Workshop
  2. E-gift Cards for Pet Grooming
  3. Customized Virtual Mix and Mingle Event
  4. Virtual Science Fiction Movie Night
  5. Online Creative Writing Workshop
  6. Donation to Cultural Preservation Organizations
  7. E-gift Cards for Electronic Accessories
  8. Virtual DIY Plant Care Workshop
  9. Digital Subscription to a Technology Magazine
  10. E-gift Cards for Athletic Apparel
  11. Customized Online Relationship Coaching
  12. Virtual DIY Candle Making Class
  13. Online Personal Safety Course
  14. Donation to Arts and Culture Charities
  15. E-gift Cards for Musical Instruments
  16. Virtual DIY Pottery Painting Class
  17. Digital Subscription to a Nature Magazine

12+ Non-Gift Ideas For An Anti-Consumerist Christmas

  • E-gift Cards for Bike Shops
  • Customized Online Public Speaking Class
  • Virtual DIY Terrarium Building Workshop
  • Online Home Security Course
  • Donation to Educational Technology Charities
  • E-gift Cards for Board Game Stores
  • Virtual Wildlife Photography Class
  • Customized Online Financial Planning Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Floral Arranging Workshop
  • Digital Subscription to a Psychology Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Skateboard Shops
  • Online Mindful Parenting Course
  • Donation to Global Health Organizations

19 Non Material Gift Ideas for Christmas

  1. Virtual Virtual Reality Art Experience
  2. E-gift Cards for Swimwear Stores
  3. Customized Virtual Stress Relief Workshop
  4. Online DIY Jewelry Making Class
  5. Digital Subscription to a Travel Photography Magazine
  6. E-gift Cards for Hobby Stores
  7. Virtual DIY Home Brewing Class
  8. Customized Online Mindful Eating Workshop
  9. Virtual DIY Terrarium Workshop
  10. Donation to Environmental Conservation Organizations
  11. E-gift Cards for Camping Gear
  12. Online Sustainable Fashion Course
  13. Virtual DIY Home Renovation Workshop
  14. Digital Subscription to a Home Décor Magazine
  15. E-gift Cards for Fishing Supplies
  16. Customized Virtual Journaling Workshop
  17. Virtual DIY Beeswax Wraps Workshop
  18. Online DIY Bicycle Maintenance Class
  19. Donation to Animal Rescue Organizations

Alternative Non-Stuff Gift Ideas For ‘No Gifts Please’ People

  • E-gift Cards for Yoga Apparel
  • Virtual DIY Natural Skincare Workshop
  • Digital Subscription to a DIY Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Golf Equipment
  • Customized Online Time Management Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Upcycling Workshop
  • Donation to Children’s Health Organizations
  • E-gift Cards for Ski Gear
  • Online Sustainable Living Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Watercolor Painting Class
  • Digital Subscription to a Car Enthusiast Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Running Gear
  • Customized Online Goal Setting Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Plant-Based Cooking Class

Non-material Christmas gifts to end the year sustainably

  • Donation to Community Development Organizations
  • E-gift Cards for Sports Equipment
  • Online DIY Natural Cleaning Products Workshop
  • Digital Subscription to a Fashion Design Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Fitness Apparel
  • Virtual DIY Personal Finance Workshop
  • Customized Online Digital Detox Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Beading Workshop
  • Donation to Food Security Organizations
  • E-gift Cards for Outdoor Adventure Stores
  • Online DIY Meditation Space Creation Class
  • Virtual DIY Eco-Friendly Living Workshop
  • Digital Subscription to a Gardening Magazine
  • E-gift Cards for Surf Shops
  • Customized Virtual De-Cluttering Workshop
  • Virtual DIY Essential Oils Workshop

14 Eco-Friendly Gifts For A Magically Sustainable Christmas

  1. Online DIY Green Living Course
  2. Donation to Homelessness Prevention Organizations
  3. E-gift Cards for Sports Nutrition
  4. Virtual DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Workshop
  5. Digital Subscription to a Nutrition Magazine
  6. E-gift Cards for Climbing Gear
  7. Customized Online DIY Skincare Workshop
  8. Virtual DIY Solar Energy Workshop
  9. Virtual DIY Home Energy Efficiency Workshop
  10. E-gift Cards for Water Sports
  11. Online Sustainable Agriculture Course
  12. Donation to Hunger Relief Organizations
  13. Virtual DIY Natural Beauty Products Workshop
  14. Customized Virtual Sustainable Gardening Workshop

15 Best Non-materialistic Gift Ideas For A Small Budget

  1. E-gift Cards for Martial Arts Gear
  2. Virtual DIY Green Cleaning Products Workshop
  3. Digital Subscription to a Health and Wellness Magazine
  4. E-gift Cards for Outdoor Cooking Supplies
  5. Online DIY Composting Workshop
  6. Virtual DIY Green Home Design Workshop
  7. Customized Online Sustainable Living Workshop
  8. E-gift Cards for Winter Sports Gear
  9. Donation to Environmental Justice Organizations
  10. Virtual DIY Zero Waste Living Workshop
  11. Digital Subscription to an Outdoor Adventure Magazine
  12. E-gift Cards for Bike Accessories
  13. Customized Virtual DIY Natural Skincare Workshop
  14. Virtual DIY Natural Cleaning Products Workshop
  15. E-gift Cards for Outdoor Apparel

10 Non-Material Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

  1. Online DIY Permaculture Course
  2. Donation to Clean Energy Organizations
  3. E-gift Cards for Hiking Gear
  4. Customized Online DIY Solar Cooking Workshop
  5. Virtual DIY Solar Water Heating Workshop
  6. Digital Subscription to an Eco-Friendly Living Magazine
  7. E-gift Cards for Outdoor Footwear
  8. Online Sustainable Fashion Workshop
  9. Customized Online Sustainable Agriculture Workshop
  10. E-gift Cards for Eco-Friendly Products

Make the holiday season extra special with thoughtful gestures that create lasting memories and make a positive impact on the world.

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