Hide Friends On Facebook: How to Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

Hide Friends On Facebook: Facebook personal privacy is just one of the huge worries of the application, however lately Facebook has undertook a great deal of a brand-new settings for keeping an individual’s privacy.

How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook

Today, users have total control on almost everything on their profile (For example: status, pictures, albums etc). The users also have the control of how they wish to share products (Like sharing with everyone, friends, friends of friends, etc). Users could even manually hide a status or posts from individual accounts.

Did you know that a Facebook user can also hide his or her friend list? 

Since users have control over their friend list He/She can decide to hide their friend list very easily. You can utilize the improved Facebook privacy settings to modify your friend list’s exposure.

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One point to know is that when your friend list is public, people you don’t know can easily see your friends and begin to add your friends blindly.

And also seeing them as mutual friends, various other friends accept the friend request. It’s kind of embarrassing when your girlfriend educates you that some mutual friend of your own has actually sent her a friend request.

It’s advisable to let your friend list show up only to you and hidden from others.

This feature has been added to match the brand-new Faceboottings, as Facebook made some major adjustments recently.

Follow the steps below to know how you can hide your friend list on your Facebook account or profile;

– On your browser, visit www.facebook.com and login to your Facebook account

– Go to your profile and,

– Click Friends

Hiding Your Friends On Facebook
Hiding Your Friends On Facebook

On your Facebook friend list page, click on the “Manage” symbol at the top right & click on “Edit Privacy”.

Here, you can regulate who can see your friend list as well as who can not. You can set who can see your friends list to just me, as this is much better for the personal privacy of your friends to avoid unnecessary limitless friend requests.

Have a look at this screenshot for better understanding:

How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook
How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook

If you don’t want any individual to see your Facebook friend list, maintain the “Who can see your friend list” readying to “Only Me”.

Only Me can see my friends
Only I can see my friends at this point


Maintaining who can see your friend list to “Only Me”,  is totally your choice yet my suggestion would certainly be to keep it at “Only Me”. This will keep the personal privacy of your friends.