25 Common Facebook Marketplace Scams & How to Avoid/Report

To protect yourself from common Facebook Marketplace scams and know how to report them effectively, it’s crucial to be aware of various types of scams and the strategies for avoiding them. Here’s a summary of some common scams and prevention tips:

25 Common Facebook Marketplace Scams to Look out for

Fake Product Scam

Sellers post fake or counterfeit items, often at attractive prices, to lure buyers. Read more about Fake Product Scam

Overpayment Scam

The buyer sends a check for more than the item’s price and asks for the difference to be returned, but the check eventually bounces. Read more about Overpayment Scam

Bait and Switch

The seller advertises a product at a low price, but upon purchase, they deliver a lower-quality item or something different. Read more about Bait and Switch

Rental Property Scam

Fake listings for rental properties, where the scammer asks for a deposit or rent without showing the property. Read more about Rental Property Scam

Phishing Scams

Scammers pose as potential buyers or sellers and ask for personal information, leading to identity theft or unauthorized access to accounts. Read more about Phishing Scams

Broken Item Scam

The seller sends a damaged item, then blames shipping or claims it was in good condition when sent. Read more about the Broken Item Scam

Advance Fee Fraud

The buyer or seller asks for upfront payment for shipping or other costs, then disappears once the fee is paid. Read deeper about Advance Fee Fraud

Gift Card Scam

Sellers ask for payment in gift cards, which are untraceable and non-refundable. Read more about Gift Card Scam

Non-Delivery Scam

The buyer pays for the item, but the seller never ships it.

Fake Escrow Service Scam

Scammers suggest using a fake escrow service for payment, which steals your money.

Rental Car Scam

Fraudulent listings of vehicles for rent, often requiring a deposit that is stolen by the scammer.

Puppy Scam

Sale of non-existent puppies or other pets, often with a sob story to justify advance payment.

Fake Tickets Scam

Selling counterfeit or non-existent tickets to events or concerts.

Fake Charities Scam

Scammers create fake charity campaigns and solicit donations.

Job Offer Scam

Fake job postings asking for personal information or money for training or background checks.

Counterfeit Money Scam

Buyers use counterfeit bills to purchase items.

Hijacked Account Scam

Scammers hack into a legitimate account and post fake listings or send messages to the account’s contacts.

Deposit Scam for Rentals

Asking for a security deposit or first month’s rent without signing a lease or showing the property.

Fake Invoicing Scam

Sending a fake invoice that appears to be from Facebook Marketplace or a legitimate courier service.

Romance Scam

Scammers build a romantic relationship with victims to solicit money or personal information.

Lottery or Sweepstakes Scam

Informing you that you’ve won a prize and need to pay a fee to claim it.

Fake Tech Support Scam

Offering tech support for a non-existent problem on your device and asking for payment.

Second Chance Offer Scam

After an auction ends, a scammer contacts non-winning bidders offering the item for a lower price.

Cloned Listing Scam

Scammers copy a legitimate listing and post it with their contact information.

Shipping Protection Scam

Offering a fake shipping protection plan or insurance for an extra fee.

How to Avoid Facebook Marketplace Scams

To avoid these scams, always verify the identity of the seller or buyer, use secure payment methods, and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

If an offer involves upfront payments, overpayments, or payments via gift cards, it’s likely a scam. Also, always meet in public places for transactions and never share personal or financial information unnecessarily.

How to report Facebook Marketplace Scams

Report a product on Facebook Marketplace (Screenshot)
Report a product on Facebook Marketplace (Screenshot)

Common Facebook Marketplace Scams & How to Avoid/Report Them [FAQS]

What are the most common scams on Facebook Marketplace?

Common scams include fake product listings, overpayment fraud, rental scams, phishing attempts, and non-delivery scams.

How can I identify a scam on Facebook Marketplace?

Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, inconsistent communication, requests for unusual payment methods (like gift cards), and sellers or buyers who refuse to meet in person.

What should I do if I encounter a scam on Facebook Marketplace?

If you suspect a scam, stop all communication with the person, and report the listing or user to Facebook. Avoid sharing personal information or making any payments.

Is it safe to pay for items through Facebook Marketplace?

It’s generally safe if you use Facebook’s recommended payment methods. Avoid direct bank transfers or untraceable payment methods like cash or gift cards.

How do I report a scam on Facebook Marketplace?

You can report a scam by clicking on the “Report” button on the listing or the user’s profile, and then follow the prompts to file a report with Facebook.

Can I get my money back if I’ve been scammed?

It can be challenging to get your money back once it’s been sent, especially if untraceable methods were used. Always use secure and traceable payment methods for better protection.

What are the red flags of rental property scams?

Be wary of listings asking for upfront payments or deposits before viewing the property, landlords who can’t meet in person, and prices that are significantly lower than market rates.

How do I verify a seller’s or buyer’s legitimacy?

Check their profile for previous activity, reviews, and the length of time they’ve been on Facebook. Be cautious of new accounts or those with little to no past activity.

Are gift card payments safe on Facebook Marketplace?

No, paying with gift cards is risky as they are untraceable and often used in scams. Always use recommended payment methods.

What should I do if I accidentally gave personal information to a scammer?

If you’ve shared personal information, monitor your accounts for any unusual activity and consider reporting the incident to local authorities. Change passwords and secure your accounts.

How can I educate others about these scams?

Share information about common scams and encourage friends and family to be vigilant. Reporting scams and raising awareness can help protect the community.

Can Facebook Marketplace scams happen even if I’m careful?

Yes, scammers constantly evolve their tactics. Staying informed and cautious is the best defense.

Is it safe to ship items on Facebook Marketplace?

Shipping is generally safe, but use tracked and insured shipping methods. Be cautious of ‘shipping protection’ scams.

Are there any specific scams targeting high-value items like cars or electronics?

Yes, high-value items are often targeted in overpayment and non-delivery scams. Always verify the buyer’s or seller’s credibility and use secure payment methods.

How does Facebook assist in scam prevention and resolution?

Facebook provides resources and tools to report scams, educates users on safe practices, and takes action against reported scam accounts and listings

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