Counties in Vermont

Vermont is composed of 14 counties. Here is the complete list:

List of All Counties in Vermont

  1. Addison County
  2. Bennington County
  3. Caledonia County
  4. Chittenden County
  5. Essex County
  6. Franklin County
  7. Grand Isle County
  8. Lamoille County
  9. Orange County
  10. Orleans County
  11. Rutland County
  12. Washington County
  13. Windham County
  14. Windsor County

Quick Facts about Vermont

Category Quick Facts
Geography Located in the New England region of the U.S.; known for its green mountains
History Admitted to the Union on March 4, 1791
Economy Primarily based on agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism
Climate Varies from humid continental in the valleys to subarctic in the mountains
Natural Attractions Green Mountain National Forest, Lake Champlain, Quechee Gorge
Culture Strong focus on environmental conservation and outdoor activities
Miscellaneous State bird is the Hermit Thrush, State flower is the Red Clover
Population Approximately 643,000 as of 2020 Census
Notable People Chester A. Arthur, John Deere, Robert Frost
Notable Places Burlington, Montpelier, Stowe
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Vermont map and seal
Vermont map and seal


What were the original counties of Vermont?

  • The original counties, established in 1779, were:

    1. Bennington County
    2. Cumberland County (later renamed Windham County)
    3. Gloucester County (later renamed Washington County)
    4. Windsor County

    These four counties were the initial divisions of Vermont when it declared its independence from New York and New Hampshire. Over time, more counties were established, resulting in the current count of 14 counties in the state.

How many counties are in Vermont State?

  • The state has 14 counties.

Which county is Vermont in?

  • The state is divided into 14 counties for administrative and statistical purposes.

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