Cities, Towns and Villages in Pinal County, Arizona

List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Pinal County, Arizona

Pinal County is located in the central part of the state of Arizona, United States. It is one of the 15 counties in Arizona and is situated in the central-southern part of the state. The county seat of Pinal County is Casa Grande.


  • Apache Junction
  • Casa Grande (County Seat)
  • Coolidge
  • Eloy
  • Maricopa
  • Florence


  • Kearny
  • Mammoth
  • Superior
  • Queen Creek

Villages in Pinal County, Arizona

There are no Villages in Pinal County, Arizona

Quick Facts about Pinal County, Arizona

  • County Seat: Casa Grande
  • Founded: 1875
  • Named After: Pinal Mountains
  • Area: Approximately 5,374 square miles
  • Population (as of the 2020 Census): 462,789
  • Major Rivers: Gila River, San Pedro River
  • Notable Features: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Picacho Peak State Park, Oracle State Park
  • Economy: Pinal County’s economy is diverse, including agriculture, mining, and growing sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare.
  • History: The county has a history rooted in mining, agriculture, and the development of transportation routes, such as the Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • Outdoor Activities: Residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and exploring historical sites.
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What is the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, and why is it significant?

The Casa Grande Ruins are ancient structures built by the Hohokam people, and the site is considered one of the largest prehistoric structures in North America.

Are there opportunities for outdoor recreation in Pinal County?

Yes, Pinal County offers outdoor activities, including hiking in Picacho Peak State Park and exploring Oracle State Park’s natural beauty.

What is the significance of mining in Pinal County’s history?

Mining, particularly copper mining, played a crucial role in the county’s history and economy. The Copper Corridor is known for its mining heritage.

Can visitors explore historical sites in towns like Florence and Superior?

Yes, Florence and Superior have preserved historic districts and landmarks, allowing visitors to experience the rich history of these communities.

map of Pinal County, Arizona
map of Pinal County, Arizona


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