Cities, Towns, and Villages in Leavenworth County, Kansas

List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Leavenworth County, Kansas

Leavenworth County is located in the northeastern part of the state of Kansas, United States. Leavenworth serves as the county seat of Leavenworth County


  • Leavenworth (County Seat)
  • Lansing
  • Basehor
  • Tonganoxie (partly in Jefferson County)


There are no Towns in Leavenworth County, Kansas

Villages in Leavenworth County, Kansas

There no Villages in Leavenworth County, Kansas

Quick Facts about Leavenworth County, Kansas

  • County Seat: Leavenworth
  • Founded: 1855
  • Named After: Henry Leavenworth, a United States Army officer
  • Area: Approximately 467 square miles
  • Population (as of the 2020 Census): 82,246
  • Major Rivers: Missouri River
  • Main Highways: Interstate 70, U.S. Route 73, U.S. Route 24
  • Notable Attractions: Fort Leavenworth, C.W. Parker Carousel Museum, and the Leavenworth Historic District.
  • Economy: Diverse economy with contributions from military activities, manufacturing, and agriculture.
  • History: Leavenworth County has a rich history dating back to its early settlement, military presence, and role in westward expansion.
  • Outdoor Activities: The county offers outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and exploring parks along the Missouri River.
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What is the significance of Fort Leavenworth in the county?

Fort Leavenworth is the oldest active Army post west of the Mississippi River and has played a crucial role in military history, education, and training.

Are there opportunities for outdoor recreation in Leavenworth County?

Yes, the county provides various outdoor activities, including hiking trails, fishing along the Missouri River, and recreational parks.

Is Leavenworth County part of the Kansas City metropolitan area?

Yes, Leavenworth County is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area, providing residents with access to urban amenities.

What historical sites can visitors explore in Leavenworth?

Visitors can explore the Leavenworth Historic District, which includes well-preserved historic buildings, museums, and landmarks reflecting the county’s history.

Leavenworth County, Kansas map
Leavenworth County, Kansas map

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