Cities, Towns, and Villages in Honolulu County, Hawaii

List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Honolulu County, Hawaii

Honolulu County is located in the state of Hawaii, which is part of the United States.

Specifically, Honolulu County encompasses the entire island of Oahu, which is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The city of Honolulu, which serves as both the capital of the state and the county seat, is situated on the southeastern shore of the island.


  1. Honolulu (County Seat)


  1. Kailua
  2. Kaneohe
  3. Waipahu
  4. Pearl City
  5. Aiea
  6. Mililani
  7. Ewa Beach
  8. Waianae

Villages in Honolulu County, Hawaii

There are no villages in Honolulu County

Quick Facts about Honolulu County, Hawaii

  • Location: Honolulu County encompasses the entire island of Oahu in the central Pacific Ocean.
  • County Seat: Honolulu (also the capital city of Hawaii).
  • Population: As of the 2020 census, the population of Honolulu County was approximately 1,416,123.
  • Area: Honolulu County has a total land area of about 597 square miles.
  • Economy: Honolulu is a major economic hub, driven by tourism, military presence, and diverse industries.
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What is the county seat of Honolulu County?

Honolulu is both the county seat and the capital city of Hawaii.

What is the significance of Waikiki in Honolulu?

Waikiki is a famous neighborhood in Honolulu known for its beautiful beaches, hotels, and vibrant nightlife.

How can I visit Pearl Harbor in Honolulu County?

Pearl Harbor is a historic site with museums and memorials. Visitors can access it by guided tours or individual visits.

Are there any active volcanoes in Honolulu County?

No, the active volcanoes in Hawaii are primarily located on the Big Island (Hawaii County).

What is the climate like in Honolulu County?

Honolulu County has a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. There is a drier season from April to September and a wetter season from October to March.

Honolulu County, Hawaii map
Honolulu County, Hawaii map