How To Find Email Address On Facebook

Your email address on Facebook is one of the requisites for securing your Facebook account. 

There are so many hackers roaming Facebook websites/applications, searching for vulnerable Facebook accounts that they can hack to use for their nefarious businesses. This is one of the many reasons why adding an email to your Facebook account is paramount.

Facebook accounts can be helpful for a series of reasons. It is a perfect platform for marketing, socializing, and connecting with old friends and acquaintances, and a perfect disguise platform for people to deceive others, pretending to be another person.

Many fraudsters and bullies can hide under the disguise of another person when they gain access to another’s accounts to spill hate speeches and other forms of assaults on others.

In times past, opening a Facebook account required one to have a functional email address that would be used to create the account, but subsequently, using a mobile number became a new norm, with email being an alternative.

How To Find Email Address On Facebook
How To Find Email Address On Facebook


However, the most exciting part is that linking or opening a Facebook account with an email address makes it most difficult for hackers to access the account since they will need verification from the email to which they do not have access.

Recently, they have been upgrading from just using an email address to using two, the first as a significant or primary email and later as a backup email in case of any breach from an unsolicited person.

Why Your Email Address is Important In Your Facebook Account 

In almost every formal work or activity that one intends to do now, you will notice that you will be asked to input your email address; this is necessary because the organizers of such work/event know how functional an email address can be and how difficult it is for one to hack another’s email address, due to lots of verifications that takes place even to access your email from another’s device.

This section will outline and simplify why your email address is necessary to be inputted or linked to your Facebook account. 

1. Your Facebook account, no matter what your choose to use, is a formal social address:

If you notice that several works are now available, whether remote or physical, the management will mainly require a link to your Facebook account; if you do not link your email to your Facebook, that account will be seen as a shaky one because it can become an easy prey to hackers.

2. You can be sure of your Facebook account’s safety:

Adding your email to your Facebook reduces the risks of your account being hacked by unknown sources because a two-factor authentication will be required; if you had attached your email, it would mean it being nearly impossible for your account to be breached.

3. Adding your email makes your account more authentic:

If you are a Facebook frequent, and you go through some people’s pages and see some with phone numbers and email addresses linked to the page, and the page happens to be a business page, and you scroll through another page and see no such information, which page will you easily see as believable and trustworthy? The one with the phone number and email abuses the account and shows seriousness. That’s the same scenario in linking your email to your Facebook account.

How To Find Email Address On Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a downgraded version of Facebook Mobile. If you do not have Facebook Lite on your device, go to Google Play store or App store to download Facebook Lite. 

Facebook Lite minimizes data consumption and is a toned down of the original Facebook app. Unlike the Facebook mobile application, Facebook Lite consumes smaller space like the original Facebook mobile, reducing its data consumption although limited in some features.

If you want to view your email address through Facebook Lite, follow these steps.

1. Go to your Facebook Lite application and open the Facebook Lite app. If you do not have the Facebook app, go to your Google Play store for Android users or your App Store for iOS users to download the app.

2. Look to the top of your screen by the right-hand side and tap on the three bars at the top. This will redirect you to settings.

3. Click on the settings and scroll down to account settings.

4. On getting to account settings, tap on personal information.

5. On tapping personal information, your phone number and email will appear below it. If you signed up for Facebook using your email, your email address will show.

How To Link Your Email Address To Your Facebook Account

If you realize on clicking on your email after following the steps above in how to view your email on Facebook Lite, and you realize that your Facebook account only made use of your phone number without your email being linked to it, if you do not have an email address, create one immediately.

After creating the email address, if you do not have one already, click on the email written under your personal information on your settings, and link your email address to your Facebook account.

For more robust security, you can create another email or lend a friend or family member’s email to use as a secondary email in case of any issues with your account; the secondary email will serve as a recovery email for your Facebook account.

How To Find Email on Old Facebook Mobile Site

Findling your email on Facebook Lite and the Facebook mobile site is quite similar, with just a few differences.

The first thing you need to note for the Facebook mobile site is that you have nothing to do with the Facebook application; instead, you access your Facebook account through the Facebook website, which is

Follow these few steps to view your email address on the Facebook website.

1. Open the App website, go to your browser and search to access Facebook through your browser.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top of your screen; whether you are accessing Facebook through your mobile device or your computer, tap the arrow that signifies a drop-down of options.

3. From the drop-down button, click on settings

4. Look below the options presented after clicking on settings; you will find “email” Click on it to view your primary email address (the email you used to open your Facebook account) or click on it to add an email address if you did not open Facebook with your email.

How To Check Facebook Emails on New Facebook Mobile Site

The updated version of the Facebook mobile has more technicalities than the outdated one, making it more crafty to deal with.

Follow this simple guide to find your email on Facebook mobile site

1. Open the Facebook mobile website

2. Click on the arrow pointing down at the top right of your phone

3. Select “settings and privacy” from the menu

4. Go to the general tab After being redirected to the Facebook settings menu. Next to your contact information is your email.

How To Stay Safe On Facebook

1. Ensure you attach a secondary email address to your Facebook accounts

2. Privatise who can see your email address 

3. Keep track of the email you used to open your Facebook account.


Can my Facebook email get hacked through Facebook?

Except you provide your email password to a hacker, your email address can not get hacked through Facebook.

Does switching my email to public open my Facebook account to risk?

Keeping your email public does not necessarily mean your account is at risk. Still, it opens your account to all forms of unsolicited mail, and some may contain links that, if you click on them, can grant access to foreign bodies having access to your Facebook account.

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