City, Towns & Places in Schoolcraft County, Michigan

Here is a list of all the city, towns, and communities in Schoolcraft county, Michigan

Schoolcraft County is a county located in the Upper Peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2020 census, the population was 8,047, making it Michigan’s fourth-least populous county. The county seat is Manistique, which lies along the northern shore of Lake Michigan.

Here is a list of all the city, towns, and communities in Schoolcraft county, Michigan:


  • Manistique


  • Doyle
  • Hiawatha
  • Inwood
  • Manistique
  • Mueller
  • Seney
  • Thompson

Unincorporated communities

  • Blaney
  • Cooks
  • Germfask
  • Gulliver
  • Seney
  • Steuben
  • Thompson

Quick Facts about Schoolcraft county, Michigan

Here are some quick facts about Schoolcraft county, Michigan:

  • Population: 8,047
  • County Seat: Manistique
  • Founded: 1843 (organized 1876)
  • Area: 1,891.34 sq mi (4,904 km2)
  • Land area: 1,622.05 sq mi (4,200 km2)
  • Water area: 269.29 sq mi (700 km2) (14.2%)
  • Major Industries: Forestry, Tourism, Fishing
  • Major Cities: Manistique, Germfask, Seney
  • Points of Interest: Indian Lake State Park, Palms Book State Park, Hiawatha National Forest, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Injun Head Rock
  • Other Interesting Facts: Schoolcraft County is named after Henry Schoolcraft, an explorer, ethnologist, and writer who studied the Native American tribes of the Great Lakes region, The county is home to the largest stand of virgin white pines in the Lower 48 states, Schoolcraft County is a popular destination for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking, The county is also home to several ghost towns, including Fayette Historic State Park.
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What are the major industries in Schoolcraft County?

  • The major industries in Schoolcraft County include forestry, tourism, and fishing.

What are some of the major forestry products in Schoolcraft County?

  • Major forestry products in Schoolcraft County include lumber, pulpwood, and Christmas trees.

What types of fish are commonly caught in Schoolcraft County?

  • Common fish caught in Schoolcraft County include salmon, trout, walleye, and perch.

What are the major cities in Schoolcraft County?

  • The major cities in Schoolcraft County include Manistique, Germfask, and Seney.

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