Cities, Towns and Villages in Kings County, California

Kings County, located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, is known for its agricultural production and diverse communities. Here is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Kings County


  1. Avenal
  2. Corcoran
  3. Hanford (County Seat and Largest City)
  4. Lemoore


  1. Armona
  2. Grangeville
  3. Hardwick
  4. Home Garden
  5. Kettleman City
  6. Lemoore Station
  7. Stratford

Villages in Kings County

  1. Halls Corner
  2. Hub
  3. Hydril

Quick Facts about Kings County, California

  • County Seat: Hanford
  • Largest City: Hanford
  • Date Founded: March 22, 1893
  • Total Land Mass: Approximately 1,392 square miles
  • Population: Approximately 152,000 (as of 2022)
  • Notable People: Kings County has been home to various individuals, and notable residents include author William Saroyan and Major League Baseball player Andre Ethier.
  • Notable Places: Hanford Carnegie Museum, Lemoore Naval Air Station, Kings County Fairgrounds, China Alley Historic District
  • Economy: Agriculture is a dominant industry, with crops such as cotton, dairy products, and nuts being significant. The Naval Air Station in Lemoore also contributes to the local economy.
  • History: Kings County has a history linked to agriculture and the development of irrigation systems. The county was named after the Kings River.
  • National Protected Area: none directly within Kings County, but Sequoia National Park is nearby.
  • Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kings County

What is the significance of the China Alley Historic District in Hanford?

China Alley Historic District is a preserved section of Hanford that reflects the historic Chinese-American community. It includes buildings, exhibits, and artifacts that showcase the cultural contributions of the Chinese residents who lived there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

How important is agriculture to the economy of Kings County?

Agriculture is a vital part of Kings County’s economy. The region is known for producing a variety of crops, including cotton, almonds, pistachios, and dairy products. The fertile soil and climate make it conducive to agricultural activities.

What is the role of the Lemoore Naval Air Station in the community?

Lemoore Naval Air Station is a significant military installation that plays a crucial role in national defense. It is home to the U.S. Navy’s West Coast strike fighter squadrons and contributes to the local economy through employment and support services.

Kings County, California map
Kings County, California map


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