Cities, Towns and Villages in Humboldt County, California

Humboldt County, California, is known for its scenic coastline, redwood forests, and vibrant communities. Here is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Humboldt County:


  1. Arcata
  2. Blue Lake
  3. Eureka
  4. Ferndale
  5. Fortuna
  6. Rio Dell
  7. Trinidad


  1. Alderpoint
  2. Bayview
  3. Benbow
  4. Big Lagoon
  5. Cutten
  6. Fairhaven
  7. Fieldbrook
  8. Fields Landing
  9. Garberville
  10. Hoopa
  11. Humboldt Hill
  12. Hydesville
  13. Indianola
  14. Loleta
  15. McKinleyville
  16. Manila
  17. Miranda
  18. Myers Flat
  19. Myrtletown
  20. Orick
  21. Phillipsville
  22. Pine Hills
  23. Redcrest
  24. Redway
  25. Samoa
  26. Scotia
  27. Shelter Cove
  28. Wautec
  29. Weitchpec
  30. Weott
  31. Westhaven-Moonstone
  32. Willow Creek

Villages in Humboldt County

  1. Alton
  2. Bayside
  3. Blocksburg
  4. Briceland
  5. Bridgeville
  6. Carlotta
  7. Dinsmore
  8. Elk River
  9. Englewood
  10. Fernbridge
  11. Fort Seward
  12. Freshwater Corners
  13. Fruitland
  14. Glendale
  15. Holmes
  16. Honeydew
  17. Janes Place
  18. Johnsons
  19. King Salmon
  20. Kneeland
  21. Korbel
  22. Maple Creek
  23. Mettah
  24. Moonstone
  25. Notchko
  26. Orleans
  27. Patricks Point
  28. Pepperwood
  29. Petrolia
  30. Pine Hill
  31. Port Kenyon
  32. Ridgewood Heights
  33. Riverside Park
  34. Rohnerville
  35. Rosewood
  36. Shively
  37. South Fork
  38. Stafford
  39. Sunny Brae
  40. Westhaven
  41. Whitethorn

Quick Facts about Humboldt County, California

  • County Seat: Eureka
  • Largest City: Eureka
  • Date Founded: February 18, 1850
  • Total Land Mass: Approximately 3,610 square miles
  • Population: Approximately 136,000 (as of 2022)
  • Notable People: Humboldt County has been home to various notable individuals, including actress Frances McDormand and author Raymond Carver.
  • Notable Places: Redwood National and State Parks, Avenue of the Giants, Humboldt Bay, Lost Coast
  • Economy: Historically based on logging and fishing, the economy has diversified with the growth of tourism, agriculture, and cannabis cultivation.
  • History: Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, European settlers arrived in the mid-19th century. The region’s history is closely tied to the timber industry.
  • National Protected Area: Redwood National and State Parks
  • Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Humboldt County

  1. What is the Avenue of the Giants?
    The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway that runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, showcasing some of the world’s tallest and oldest redwood trees. It is a popular route for travelers seeking a breathtaking drive through the redwood forest.
  2. Is Humboldt County known for its cannabis cultivation?
    Yes, Humboldt County has gained recognition for its cannabis cultivation, and the region is part of the “Emerald Triangle,” known for its historical association with marijuana production. The cannabis industry has become an important economic factor in the county.
  3. Are there opportunities for outdoor activities in Humboldt County?
    Absolutely. Humboldt County offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, and exploring the beaches and redwood forests. The region’s natural beauty attracts nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.
Humboldt County, California map
Humboldt County, California map

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