Cities, Towns, and Villages in Greeley County, Kansas

List of All Cities, Towns, and Villages in Greeley County, Kansas

Greeley County is located in the western part of the state of Kansas, United States. Tribune serves as the county seat of Greeley County.


  • Tribune (County Seat)


  • Horace

Villages in Greeley County, Kansas

There are no Villages in Greeley County, Kansas

Quick Facts about Greeley County, Kansas

  • County Seat: Tribune
  • Founded: 1873
  • Named After: Horace Greeley, a prominent New York newspaper editor
  • Area: Approximately 778 square miles
  • Population (as of the 2020 Census): 1,242
  • Major Lakes/Rivers: None major; Smoky Hill River is nearby
  • Main Highways: U.S. Route 96, U.S. Route 385
  • Notable Attractions: Arikaree Breaks, an area of unique geological formations, and the Greeley County Museum.
  • Economy: Agriculture and ranching are primary contributors to the county’s economy.
  • History: Greeley County was established in 1873, and its history is tied to the settlement of pioneers, agriculture, and the expansion of the railroad.
  • Outdoor Activities: The county offers outdoor activities such as exploring the Arikaree Breaks and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.
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What are the Arikaree Breaks, and how can visitors explore them?

The Arikaree Breaks are a unique area with rugged terrain and interesting geological formations. Visitors can explore them by hiking or taking guided tours.

Is there a museum in Greeley County to learn about its history?

Yes, the Greeley County Museum is a notable attraction where visitors can learn about the history and heritage of Greeley County.

How important is agriculture to Greeley County’s economy?

Agriculture is a vital component of Greeley County’s economy, with farming and ranching playing a significant role in the community.

What is the significance of Horace in Greeley County?

Horace is one of the towns in Greeley County, contributing to the local community and representing the county’s rural character.

Greeley County, Kansas map
Greeley County, Kansas map