Cities, Towns and Villages in Fresno County, California

Fresno County, situated in the heart of California’s Central Valley, is known for its agricultural productivity and diverse communities. Here is a list of cities, towns, and villages in Fresno County


  1. Clovis
  2. Coalinga
  3. Firebaugh
  4. Fowler
  5. Fresno (County Seat and Largest City)
  6. Huron
  7. Kerman
  8. Kingsburg
  9. Mendota
  10. Orange Cove
  11. Parlier
  12. Reedley
  13. San Joaquin
  14. Sanger
  15. Selma


  1. Auberry
  2. Big Creek
  3. Biola
  4. Bowles
  5. Calwa
  6. Cantua Creek
  7. Caruthers
  8. Centerville
  9. Del Rey
  10. Easton
  11. Fort Washington
  12. Friant
  13. Lanare
  14. Laton
  15. Malaga
  16. Mayfair
  17. Minkler
  18. Mono Hot Springs
  19. Old Fig Garden
  20. Raisin City
  21. Riverdale
  22. Rolinda
  23. Shaver Lake
  24. Squaw Valley
  25. Tarpey Village
  26. Three Rocks
  27. Tranquillity
  28. West Park
  29. Westside
  30. Yokuts Valley

Villages in Fresno County

  1. Alder Springs
  2. Balch Camp
  3. Barstow
  4. Bretz Mill
  5. Burrel
  6. Calflax
  7. Camden
  8. Cedar Crest
  9. Cedar Grove
  10. Cedarbrook
  11. Conejo
  12. Crabtree
  13. Dinkey Creek
  14. Dunlap
  15. Elm View
  16. Figarden
  17. Five Points
  18. Helm
  19. Herndon
  20. Highway City
  21. Hub
  22. Hume
  23. Humphreys Station
  24. Huntington Lake
  25. Ingle
  26. Kanawyers
  27. Lakeshore
  28. Lerona
  29. Lone Star
  30. Meadow Lakes
  31. Mercey Hot Springs
  32. Miramonte
  33. Mono Hot Springs
  34. Navelencia
  35. New Auberry
  36. Ockenden
  37. Old Bretz Mill
  38. Oleander
  39. Ora
  40. Oro Loma
  41. Piedra
  42. Pinehurst
  43. Pineridge
  44. Prather
  45. Rock Haven
  46. Rolinda
  47. Shaver Lake Heights
  48. Sierra Cedars
  49. Sierra Sky Park
  50. Tarpey
  51. Tollhouse
  52. Trimmer
  53. Westhaven
  54. Wildflower

Quick Facts about Fresno County, California

  • County Seat: Fresno
  • Largest City: Fresno
  • Date Founded: April 19, 1856
  • Total Land Mass: Approximately 6,011 square miles
  • Population: Approximately 1 million (as of 2022)
  • Notable People: Fresno County has been home to various individuals, and notable residents include Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Saroyan and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.
  • Notable Places: Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Woodward Park, Sierra National Forest
  • Economy: Agriculture is a dominant industry, with crops like grapes, almonds, and tomatoes. Fresno is also a hub for distribution and logistics, given its central location in the state.
  • History: Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, Fresno County developed as a center for agriculture and ranching. The completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the late 19th century boosted the region’s growth.
  • National Protected Area: Sierra National Forest
  • Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fresno County

What is the significance of Forestiere Underground Gardens?

Forestiere Underground Gardens is a unique network of subterranean gardens created by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere. It features underground passages and courtyards with fruit-bearing trees and vines.

Are there outdoor recreational opportunities in Fresno County?

Yes, Fresno County offers various outdoor activities, including hiking in the Sierra National Forest, boating in Shaver Lake, and exploring Woodward Park, which features gardens, trails, and a Japanese garden.

How important is agriculture to Fresno County’s economy?

Agriculture is a crucial part of Fresno County’s economy. The region is known for producing a variety of crops, and the Central Valley is often referred to as the “breadbasket of the world” due to its agricultural productivity.

Fresno County, California map
Fresno County, California map

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