Cities, Towns and Communities in Boone County, Kentucky

List of All Cities, Towns, and Communities in Boone County, Kentucky

Boone County is located in the northern part of the state of Kentucky, USA. It is situated in the Bluegrass Region and is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The County seat is Burlington.


  • Florence
  • Union
  • Walton


  • Belleview
  • Burlington
  • Hebron
  • Oakbrook
  • Petersburg


  • Big Bone
  • Francisville
  • Hamilton
  • Idlewild
  • Richwood

Boone County, Kentucky Quick Facts

  • County Seat: Burlington
  • Established: December 13, 1798
  • Named After: Daniel Boone, frontiersman and explorer
  • Area: 256 square miles (663 square kilometers)
  • Population (2020): 140,493
  • Major Cities: Florence, Union, and Walton
  • Geographic Features: Ohio River
  • Economy: Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare
  • Notable Landmarks: Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, Creation Museum
  • Major Industries: Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare
  • Official Website:

Why is Boone County named after Daniel Boone?

Boone County is named after Daniel Boone, a legendary frontiersman and explorer known for his exploration and settlement of Kentucky.

What is the economic base of Boone County?

Boone County’s economy is diverse, with significant contributions from manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare sectors.

Are there historical sites to visit in Boone County?

Yes, Boone County is home to Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, known for its rich paleontological history. Additionally, the Creation Museum is a notable attraction.

How can I access government services and information in Boone County?

The official website of Boone County, Kentucky provides information about local government services, events, and community resources. Residents and visitors can find relevant information and contact details on the website.

What recreational opportunities are available in Boone County?

Boone County offers various recreational activities, including parks, trails, and access to the Ohio River. Residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor pursuits and community events.

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