Cities and Towns in Shawnee County, Kansas

List of All Cities and Towns in Shawnee County, Kansas

Shawnee County is located in the northeastern part of the state of Kansas, USA. The county is situated in the Kansas River Valley and is centered around its largest city and the state capital, Topeka. Topeka serves as the county seat of Shawnee County.


  • Topeka (County Seat)

Towns in Shawnee County, Kansas

  • Auburn
  • Rossville
  • Silver Lake
  • Willard

Shawnee County, Kansas Quick Facts

  • County Seat: Topeka
  • Established: August 25, 1855
  • Named After: The Shawnee Native American tribe
  • Area: 556 square miles (1,441 square kilometers)
  • Population (2020): 174,709
  • Major City: Topeka
  • Geographic Features: Kansas River, Lake Shawnee
  • Economy: Government services, healthcare, manufacturing
  • Notable Landmarks: Kansas State Capitol, Combat Air Museum
  • National Register of Historic Places: Topeka High School, Ritchie House
  • Major Industries: Government, healthcare, education
  • Official Website:

What is the history behind the name “Shawnee County”?

Shawnee County was established on August 25, 1855, and named after the Shawnee Native American tribe. The county has played a significant role in the history and development of Kansas.

What is the main economic driver in Shawnee County?

Government services, including state and local government offices, contribute significantly to the economy of Shawnee County. Additionally, healthcare and manufacturing are important sectors.

What notable landmarks can be found in Shawnee County?

Shawnee County is home to the iconic Kansas State Capitol building in Topeka. The Combat Air Museum and historic sites like Topeka High School and the Ritchie House are also notable landmarks.

How can visitors explore outdoor activities in Shawnee County?

Lake Shawnee offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and other recreational activities. The county has parks and trails that provide spaces for hiking, biking, and enjoying nature.

Where can I find information about local government services and events in Shawnee County?

The official website of Shawnee County, Kansas provides information about local government services, departments, and upcoming events in the county.

Shawnee County, Kansas map
Shawnee County, Kansas map

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