Cities and Towns in Dawes County, Nebraska 

Full List of All Cities  and Towns in Dawes County, Nebraska

Dawes County is located in the state of Nebraska, USA. It is situated in the northwestern part of the state


  • Chadron (County Seat)


  • Crawford

Notable Places in Dawes County, Nebraska

  • Chadron State Park
  • Museum of the Fur Trade
  • Whitney

Quick Facts about Dawes County, Nebraska

  • Location: Dawes County is located in the state of Nebraska, USA.
  • County Seat: Chadron
  • Population: As of the 2020 census, the population of Dawes County was approximately [Population].
  • Area: Dawes County has a total area of about [Area] square miles.
  • Official Website:

Economy of Dawes County, Nebraska

Main Industries


Dawes County has a strong agricultural sector, with a focus on cattle ranching and other farming activities.

Education and Services

Chadron State College is a key player in the local economy, contributing to education and associated services.

Employment Opportunities

Agricultural and Ranching Jobs

Opportunities exist for employment in various agricultural activities, including cattle ranching, crop cultivation, and related sectors.

Education and Related Services

Employment opportunities are available in the education sector, particularly with Chadron State College. Jobs include teaching, administrative roles, and support services.

 For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the economy of Dawes County, it is recommended to consult local economic development agencies, county officials, or business organizations directly. They can provide detailed insights into ongoing projects, initiatives, and collaborations.

Notable People from Dawes County, Nebraska

Mari Sandoz

Brief Description: Mari Sandoz was a renowned author, known for her works on the history and culture of the American West. Her notable contributions include “Old Jules” and “Cheyenne Autumn,” which explore the lives of early settlers and Native Americans.

Cardale “Dale” D. Totten

Brief Description: Cardale “Dale” D. Totten was a decorated World War II veteran and a prominent figure in the community. He served as a Nebraska State Senator, contributing to legislative initiatives and community development.

Don Beebe

Brief Description: Don Beebe is a former professional football player who had a successful career in the National Football League (NFL). Born in Chadron, he played for several NFL teams, including the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills, making significant contributions to the sport.

These notable individuals have connections to Dawes County, and their contributions may extend beyond the local community. Specific details about their achievements can be explored through additional research and references.

Notable Events

Chadron Fur Trade Days

Description: An annual event celebrating the fur trade era with reenactments, parades, and community festivities.

Chadron State College Graduation Ceremony

Description: A significant event honoring graduates and their achievements.

Dawes County Fair

Description: A community fair featuring agricultural exhibits, entertainment, and family-friendly activities.

Note: For the latest and most detailed information on notable people, the economy, and events in Dawes County, please refer to local news sources, community websites, or relevant authorities.


What is the main city in Dawes County?

Chadron serves as the main city and the county seat of Dawes County.

Are there notable attractions in Dawes County?

Yes, Chadron State Park and the Museum of the Fur Trade are notable places to visit.

Which are the main communities in Dawes County?

Besides Chadron, Crawford and Whitney are important communities in Dawes County.

Is there a state park in Dawes County?

Yes, Chadron State Park is a notable state park providing outdoor recreation opportunities.

What is the Museum of the Fur Trade?

The Museum of the Fur Trade is a historical museum that showcases artifacts related to the fur trade era in North America.

How can I access demographic information about Dawes County?

For the latest and most detailed demographic information, you can refer to the U.S. Census Bureau or the Nebraska state government sources.

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