Cities and Towns in Blaine County, Nebraska

List of All Cities and Towns in Blaine County, Nebraska

Blaine County is located in the state of Nebraska, USA. It is situated in the central part of the state, and the county seat is Brewster


  • Brewster (County Seat)


  • Dunning
  • Purdum

Quick Facts about Blaine County, Nebraska

  • Location: Blaine County is located in the state of Nebraska, USA.
  • County Seat: Brewster
  • Population: As of the 2020 census, the population of Blaine County was approximately 453.
  • Area: Blaine County has a total area of about 715 square miles.
  • Official Website:


What is the main industry in Blaine County?

Agriculture, including ranching and farming, is a significant industry in Blaine County.

Is Brewster the largest city in Blaine County?

Brewster is the county seat, but it is a relatively small city. There is no significantly larger city within Blaine County.

Are there recreational opportunities in Blaine County?

Blaine County offers outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and hiking.

What is the notable place in Blaine County?

The city of Brewster, serving as the county seat, is a focal point in Blaine County.

How many counties are in Nebraska?

Nebraska has a total of 93 counties, and Blaine County is one of the smaller and less populous ones.

Are there any other towns or villages in addition to Brewster?

Dunning and Purdum are unincorporated communities within Blaine County.

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