Why You Should Hide Your Friend On Facebook

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Why You Should Hide Your Friend On Facebook – Facebook offers several exciting features that can enable one to hide their friendliest from being viewed by the public or other friends.

Most people love to enjoy their private life, and exposing their friends can make others accessible who they know and take the opportunity to add them up and get to know them from there.

Hackers also clone people’s accounts and pretend to be the account owners to up people’s friends and make deceptive requests. This is one of the reasons people hide their friends on Facebook.

What is a Facebook Friend list?

Your Facebook friend list comprises people you have added up as friends on Facebook. You can select people to add as your friends on Facebook based on the recommended friends Facebook shows you, or you can synchronize your phone number to add only contacts you have on your phone as your friends. 

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Facebook can recommend friends based on mutuality, such as a person starred with your contact.

Your Facebook friend list is equivalent to your community; it is all surrounded by people you know and the people that you know also know.

Your Facebook friend list should be made up of people you know and others you intend to know because your friend list is synonymous with people you choose to keep as friends and others you do not want to save as friends. 

Why You Should Hide Your Friend On Facebook 

Most scammers harness several deceptive means to deceive people online and get money from them, pretending to be the authentic owners of such accounts.

Scammers clone original accounts, lift pictures from those people’s accounts and pretend to be the people in the pictures, and send friend requests to friends of the authentic account owners believing that the friends will accept the requests because the picture in the profile is that of a person that they know.

When gullible people fall for this, they mostly deceive them to get financial favours by pretending they need help on such excuses to earn money from their innocent Facebook friends.

Hiding your friend list on Facebook is one of the most private security settings that anyone can take to secure their Facebook friends from falling into the manipulation of scammers.

How To Know When Someone Has Hidden Friends on Facebook 

You can only know if someone has hidden friends on Facebook when you cannot access their friend list. If you and such a person share mutual friends, the only friends that you will find are the friends that you also have. Other than that, you cannot view any other of their friends on Facebook.


Hiding your Facebook friends is a personal decision; if you want to have a private Facebook account, not letting unsolicited people access people you have as friends, then you should go ahead.


1. Will I see my friend’s Facebook after hiding?

Yes, you will because they are your friends. You are not hiding your friends from yourself but from the public.

2. Will my friends know that my friend list is hidden?

Yes, they will because they will not be able to see your other friends except the one’s that you both share; add mutual friends.


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