iPhone 13

iPhone 13; Top Rumour on Appearance and Price

It seems like we were just peeling the protective film off the iPhone 12 yesterday, but the next model is on the way. We don’t know what the name will be, but we’ve already heard a lot about what the new iPhone will include.

iPhone 13

The next iPhone appears to be more of a “S” upgrade based on the revisions, and some reports suggest that Apple may follow suit. However, according to a recent claim in The Economic Daily News, Apple has chosen the iPhone 13. In the United States, the number 13 has a clear “unlucky” connotation, however that may not matter because the number is primarily used for marketing purposes. We polled Twitter users and found that more than half of them wanted Apple to name the device iPhone 13.

Sizes, colors, and design of iPhone 13

In 2021, the new iPhone is predicted to be the same overall size and design as the iPhone 12 models, with flat sides. According to these dummies supplied by Sonny Dickson on Twitter, the most noticeable cosmetic change on the outside will be a larger camera bump and a shift in the camera’s location.

The lenses in the two-camera variations (non-Pro models) would be positioned diagonally in the camera bump rather than vertically, according to a report from Indian site MySmartPrice, therefore these dummies appear to be correct. You shouldn’t expect iPhone 12 cases to function with iPhone 13 due to the higher camera bump and the fact that the phone’s body is expected to be significantly thicker. The camera array will be larger and the phone will be slightly thicker, according to Jon Prosser’s leaked CAD drawings for the iPhone 13 as well as a case leak released on Weibo.

In terms of colors, we’ve heard whispers of pink and orange for the normal models, while Max Weinbach claims the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will have a new matte black option that’s darker than the graphite hue that replaced space gray this year. According to a story published by Naver in July, the Pro will gain a new Sunset Gold color that “has a bronze vibe,” as well as a “very pale” rose gold.

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Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 small did not sell as well as some had hoped, current speculations indicate that a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini will be released. As a result, a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 small, 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, and 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max are expected, just like the iPhone 12.

The reduced notch on iPhone 13

The TrueDepth and other sensors have been housed in a display cutout (also known as a “notch”) since the iPhone X, and the size of the cutout may alter for the first time with the iPhone 2021. Apple is likely to shift the speaker to the top edge of the display, freeing up space for the camera and other sensors to be placed closer together, reducing the size of the notch. More recently, DigiTimes reported that Apple had “decided to scale down the die size for VCSEL chips used in 3D face ID sensors for new iPhone and iPad devices to be rolled out later in 2021 by 40-50 percent,” a move that will save money and reduce the amount of space required to house the True Depth camera.

According to a Bloomberg story from July, Apple intends to “lower the size of the front-facing camera and face unlock sensor cutout, or notch, to better match its competitors.” It also predicted that the notch on next year’s iPhone would be significantly smaller. According to LeaksApplePro, the notch will be 26mm instead of 35mm on the current model, as rumored in late July.

The reduced notch will give the status bar a bit more area, but we don’t know how Apple will fill it yet. On each side of the notch, we might see an additional indicator icon. While a smaller notch is unlikely to make a significant difference to the iPhone 13, it is likely to be the most noticeable cosmetic adjustment in the upcoming model.

Camera, iPhone 13

The iPhone 13, 13 mini, and 13 Pro will all have the same f/1.6, 7-element wide-angle lens as the iPhone 12, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), with the 13 Pro Max getting a 7-element lens with a slightly improved f/1.5 aperture. According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, the LiDAR sensor could be included in the full iPhone 13 lineup, but other analysts believe it will be confined to Pro versions, according to a recent leak by @dylandkt, an incredibly reliable Twitter user.

All iPhone 13 models are likely to have a 6-element f/1.8 ultra wide camera, up from a 5-element f/2.4 lens. Analysts are divided on whether this enhancement will be applied to all models or only the Pro models. Furthermore, rather than the fixed focus of the iPhone 12, Kuo claims that all models will have autofocus on the ultra-wide lens, allowing you to lock in on close objects. Portrait mode will also be coming to videos, according to Max Weinbach of EverythingApplePro. This is a continuation of what is presently available in the FaceTime app in iOS 15. According to a Bloomberg story from July, improvements will include “more advanced video capturing features including better optical zoom.”

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The positioning of the cameras on non-Pro models appears to be altering in leaked images, indicating a transition. The iPhone 13’s cameras will apparently be placed diagonally, mimicking the layout of the Pro versions, rather than vertically as they are in the iPhone 12. As improvements to the ultra-wide lens are made, Apple may move the cameras around. The new lens positioning, as seen in this Weibo post, may also bring unannounced feature upgrades.

Sensor-shift stabilization, which is presently only available on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is expected to be included in the iPhone 13 series as well. A recent article from DigiTimes appears to have validated that rumor, albeit we don’t know which cameras are affected. The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s wide lens has sensor-shift stabilization, which stabilizes the sensor rather than the camera lens for better blur reduction.

Processor, battery, connection, and storage specifications for the iPhone 13

We anticipate an all-new Apple-designed chip in the next iPhone, as we do every year. This one will most likely be known as the A15, and it will most likely be manufactured by TSMC using a 5nm technology that has been improved. Expect minor but noticeable improvements in CPU and GPU speed, as well as a faster Neural Engine, image processor, and improved energy efficiency.

Apple is expected to release an iPhone with a 1TB storage option this year, according to several leakers and analysts. According to a recent report from TrendForce, Apple is sticking with 512GB at the top end. Wedbush reaffirmed its allegation in late July that Apple will offer a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro option.

When it comes to wireless technology, the entire series will almost probably support 5G, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 modem being used this time. According to a DigiTimes story, Apple will include Wi-Fi 6E in the iPhone 13, joining the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro in doing so. Check out our Wi-Fi 6E guide for additional information on this new wireless technology.

According to reports, the battery will be a little bigger this year, which will likely help offset the higher power consumption of the ProMotion display or the always-on lock screen. The iPhone 12’s likely capacities have been leaked by Twitter leaker L0vetodream, who has a solid track record. They are significantly larger than their predecessors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to the report, will feature a 4,352mAh battery, while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will have 3,095mAh batteries, and the iPhone 12 small will have a 2,406mAh battery. In comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 3,687mAh, the iPhone 12/12Pro has a battery capacity of 2,815mAh, and the iPhone 12/12Pro has a battery capacity of 2,227mAh (iPhone 12 mini).

Larger batteries, on the other hand, do not always imply a longer battery life. Apple may require additional electricity to keep the always-on display running.

Price and availability of the iPhone 13

At an event in September, the iPhone 13 range is expected to be shown. Wedbush analyst Dan Ives recently informed investors that he believes Apple would make an announcement in the third week of September (likely Tuesday, September 14 or Wednesday, September 15), which would be a month sooner than last year but in line with the company’s regular release timetable. Preorders normally begin a few days after the event, with at least some models arriving two or three weeks later.

We haven’t heard any price rumors yet, but we’re guessing it’ll be around the same as the iPhone 12.

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