How to View All Blocked Numbers on Android

You have a hectic schedule, therefore, Sales calls, or even worse, calls from scammers, are the last thing you need. These things however occur from time to time.

That’s why your phone’s Block feature comes in handy. It filters out undesirable calls, so you don’t have to take time out of your day to deal with them.

But what if you inadvertently add an unknown phone number to your block list?

There’s an easy way to find out and a simple approach to fix it.

Viewing Blocked Numbers from the Phone/Contacts App

On an Android phone, there are a few options for viewing your Blocked Numbers list. These steps may alter slightly depending on the phone’s user interface. However, following the methods below is one of the simplest ways to access your prohibited list:

Step 1 – Open Phone/Contacts App

To begin, launch your Phone app from your phone’s Home screen. Unless you’ve customized it to anything else, it’s usually a phone receiver symbol.

A separate Phone app is not available on all Android phones. You may be taken to the Contacts list by tapping on this button, which includes a phoning-out keypad in the corner. That’s good for the time being.

Step 2 – Go to Phone App Settings

The next step is to go to your phone’s settings. If you’re on your Contacts list, this also works.

Tap the top right-hand corner of the screen to activate the three stacked lines. In addition, three vertical dots may alternatively appear as the Settings icon.

A new option will show when you tap the three lines or dots. This is your phone’s Settings menu. Select the Blocked Numbers option after scrolling down to it.

This feature is known as Call Blocking or something similar on various Android phones. Select a listing that includes the word Block or a variant of it.

Step 3 – View Your Blocked Numbers List

These are the numbers that have been blocked on your phone.

As you can see, by selecting the Add option, you may manually add numbers to the list. No calls or messages will be received from any of the numbers on this list. However, if you see a number that was added by mistake, it’s a simple correction.

To remove a phone number from the blocked numbers list, tap the “X” to the right of the number, press and hold the number, then select Remove at the bottom. Your phone may prompt you to confirm the block removal first. After you confirm the removal, you’ll begin getting calls and messages from that number once more.

Viewing Blocked Numbers from the Text App

Your Text app is another way to see your Blocked Numbers.

In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, tap the Settings menu. Three lines or three vertical dots are commonly used to represent it.

You’ll notice several options when you access the new Settings menu.

You may notice an option to read Spam & Blocked if your phone has Spam Protection. To see possible spam messages and the phone numbers associated with them, click there.

By pressing on the Settings button again and selecting Blocked Contacts, you may go further into your Blocked Numbers from this list.

If your phone doesn’t have Spam Protection, it may only offer the Blocked Contacts option. When you tap on it, you’ll be taken back to the same page you were on using the Phone app.

With Great Power…

Last but not least, when it comes to adding numbers on your Block List, keep the following in mind:

You can’t phone or text that contact, but it works both ways.

You are also unable to contact them by phone or text.

Consider your decision before adding someone to the Blocked Numbers list. Is it definite that the number belongs on the list?

For the time being, banishing someone may be a simple option. However, you may miss out on vital calls in the future.

Have you ever had to use Android to block a phone number? Did you employ any of the techniques mentioned above? Would you please share your thoughts in the comments box below?


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