How to Make Slo-Mo Videos on iPhone

How to Make Slo-Mo Videos on iPhone and Mac

How to Make Slo-Mo Videos on iPhone and Mac – Using slow- and fast-motion effects to change the tempo of your clips can suddenly transform them into a Hollywood-style production. Not to mention that by making time-lapses, you can zip through long and boring videos and keep your audience engaged. To easily apply these effects to your next video project, check out the approaches and resources listed below.

On a Mac, how do you change the video speed?

Before you begin, make sure you have the correct editing tool with the option to modify the pace of your movie. Check out PowerDirector, a highly rated tool that gives you complete control over your video speed settings. Click the link below to get the free version, then complete the procedures below:

  • Drag and drop the clip you want to use on the timeline.
  • With your cursor, choose the clip.
  • A drop-down menu will show when you click on “Tools” in the center left-hand corner of the screen.
  • A window will appear once you select “Video Speed” from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see two options at the top of the new window: Use the effect on an “Entire Clip” or a “Selected Range” of clips.

To apply the effect to the entire clip, follow these steps:

  • Simply choose that option and drag the “Speed Multiplier” bar to the left to slow down the clip or to the right to speed it up.
  • To apply the effect, click “Ok” in the bottom right corner of the window.

To apply the effect to a “Selected Range,” follow these steps:

  • Choose that choice and then click “Create Time Shift.”
  • On the timeline at the bottom of the window, select the portion of the clip you want to slow down or speed up.
  • To slow down or speed up your clip, move the bar under “Speed Multiplier” to the left or right.
  • To apply the effect, click “Ok” in the bottom right corner of the window.

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On your iPhone or iPad, how can you change the video speed?

Here’s how to change the speed of your films on your new iPhone / iPad if you’re usually on the go or, like us, do everything on your mobile device. How to Make Slo-Mo Videos on iPhone:

  • To begin, download the PowerDirector smartphone app for free.
  • Then, take the following steps:
  • On the timeline, find your clip and select it.
  • At the lower left, press the “Edit” button.
  • There will be a slew of amazing features available if you select “Speed.”
  • To the right of the clip, there is a slider that you can push up or down to preview your results.

Conclusion Adding visual effects like speed ramping to your videos, whether you’re editing professionally or simply for fun, is vital for making them stand out. Other visual effects such as chroma key for green screen, animations, and blending modes, in addition to speed effects, will help your works look like they came straight out of a blockbuster movie. Try out these effects right now with over 2 million royalty-free premium movies, pictures, and music tracks from renowned Shutterstock, which comes free with your PowerDirector 365 subscription.

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