How Can You Block Spam Calls on iPhone

How Can You Block Spam Calls on iPhone?

How Can You Block Spam Calls on iPhone – Spam phone calls have grown out of control. It used to be that anything with a caller ID of “unknown caller” or a distant or toll-free area code could simply be ignored. Scammers and spammers can now call you using numbers that appear to be from your own area, owing to automated systems that spoof phone numbers. Every day, many customers receive several spam calls, half of which are about their car’s extended warranty.

Fortunately, there are a handful of options on your iPhone that can help you deal with this annoyance, and they’re really simple to use.

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Unknown Callers Should Be Silenced

To begin, go to Settings, Then select Phone. Scroll down to Silence Unknown Callers and press it. On the following page, you’ll find an explanation of the functionality as well as a toggle to enable it.

If you enable this option, your iPhone will utilize “Siri intelligence” to assess whether or not a call is from a known number. If you find a phone number in your Contacts, Messages, Mail, or recent outgoing calls, it will work normally.

Whether it’s a real phone number or an unlisted number, if it’s not detected there, it’ll go directly to voice mail without ever ringing (even silently). In that sense, the setting’s name isn’t completely right… The calls aren’t just “silenced.”

While this will reduce the number of unsolicited calls, you may miss certain calls that you were expecting. You may contact a repair person through the internet only to discover later that they attempted to contact you but your phone did not ring, for example. Disabling the feature is as simple as flicking the switch back off if you don’t want these calls to go straight to voicemail.

Apps that filter spam

You may do more than merely send a call to voicemail in silence. You can easily eliminate the majority of spam calls you receive using a phone spam filtering program, even if they’re from unique faked numbers. You’ll need to get an app from the App Store, which includes Robo Shield, Truecaller, and Robokiller, among others. These programs usually need a monthly subscription charge, but it can be worth it to save your sanity for a few dollars a month.

Open Settings and select Phone after installing such an app. A new option will appear: Call Blocking & Identification. After that, enable your call filtering application by tapping it. It’s worth noting that the program may have a few setup steps of its own, but it’ll walk you through them when you install it.

Adding a Number to Blocklist

There’s also a way to stop a number from coming in at all. Simply hit the “I” information button next to the phone number and select Block this Caller from the drop-down menu. Then, on the following screen, hit Block Contact. If you wish to unblock any numbers you’ve previously blocked, go to Settings, Phone, and Blocked Contacts. You’ll see all of the numbers you’ve locked inside. By pressing the red (-) minus button and then Unblock in the upper right corner, you’ll be able to delete any number.

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Consult your service provider.

Your carrier will offer solutions that can be readily applied on your iPhone to stop spam and robocalls at the source, regardless of which phone service you have. They’re all free (with some premium features), and they all basically perform the same thing: Unwanted calls are blocked, and unknown numbers are silenced.

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