Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch App

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the century’s most unusual bendable watches. The Galaxy Store offers a wide range of applications, including health, music, productivity, and more. We’ve compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch productivity apps for 2021 with the hopes of guiding and assisting you in your quest for a better app for excellent output.

If you need an app for voice recording, PPT control, internet access, or any other kind of production, the finest Galaxy watch applications can provide the efficiency you require.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Voice Recorder

The Samsung voice memo app is a fantastic addition to your Galaxy Watch. It is not pre-installed. However, it is quite user-friendly. Simply press the record button to get started. When you’re finished, you’ll receive an audio transcription along with your file, which will automatically sync to your smartphone.

In the conventional recording mode, you can record for as long as you want, and in the speech-to-text mode, you can record for up to 10 minutes.

PPT Controller

It’s not the most entertaining entry on our list, but it could be one of the most useful. You may control your Powerpoint presentation from anywhere in the boardroom with PPT Controller.

It controls slide pages using the Galaxy Watch’s spinning bezel, allows you to check the duration of the presentation, and also allows you to control when you put things to a close before asking if there are any questions.

Samsung Internet

We admit that looking at a webpage on your wrist isn’t the most convenient way to do so. However, there are moments when it’s justified — perhaps you’ve misplaced your phone or are too sluggish to take it out of your slim jeans or purse.

The Samsung Internet browser, which does not come pre-installed, is a decent stand-in. You can look through all of your favorites or use Google voice search to search the web.


If you’ve made a large investment in Bitcoin or Ethereum, this easy widget shows you how much that virtual money is currently worth in real-time.

You may choose what price the currency is displayed in, and because it’s available as a widget, it can be accessed from the main watch screen with a swipe. It’s a premium service, but it’s a little fee to pay if you care about your cryptocurrency.

Flipboard News Briefing

Simply put, it’s a wrist-worn version of the Flipboard news app. The news is broken down into easily digestible nuggets of need-to-know information, and it’s really simple to use and set up.

Based on our experience with Samsung’s smartwatches, there is no better way to keep up with the news on your wrist.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps for travel


From your wrist, you can now Uber anywhere. You simply select your vehicle and depart. It’s simple to move the map about to find the best pickup location, and the rotating bezel comes in useful for zooming in and out of the map for a better look.

Find My Car

Nothing is more aggravating – or humiliating – than circling a parking lot without remembering where you parked. Find My Car addresses this issue by allowing you to save your location on a map. You can also record a voice note of where you parked your car, with a counter at the bottom indicating how far away you are.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps for home control

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung has a vast ecosystem of devices, and with its SmartThings-compatible products, it’s gone all-in on the smart home game.

You can check the status of your devices and even adjust routines using the SmartThings app. This includes the ability to control your television, which may be the most crucial smart feature of all.

Switch+ for Philips Hue

If the name doesn’t give it away, this is a way to control any Philips Hue smart lighting systems we have in our house. It allows you to regulate the quantity of light in a room, pick scenarios, colors, and brightness levels with the spinning bezel. There’s a 7-day free trial to see if you like it, after which you’ll have to pay £2.99 for unlimited control of your smart lighting.

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