Best Compass App for Android Device

Best Compass App for Android Device

Compass apps haven’t changed much in the last ten years or so. They use the accelerometer on your smartphone to determine direction. Magnetic cases may create issues, and they may need calibration from time to time. They all do the job is basically the same manner, however.

Because GPS connection isn’t always dependable, hikers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts may benefit from them. Each compass app on the list was tested for accuracy. It wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t get it to function correctly. Let’s have a look at the best compass applications for Android! We suggest utilizing a normal navigation app if you have a GPS connection.

Best Compass App for Android

Digital Compass by Axiomatic

Digital Compass is a straightforward program that includes both a compass and a map. Longitude, latitude, and direct addresses are all supported. True and magnetic north headings, a magnetic strength meter, a slope level meter, and sensor status are also included in the app. This developer expressly requests that you avoid using magnetic coverings and that the gadget contains magnetic sensors. Otherwise, it will be ineffective. Although some Google Play reviews mention calibration issues, we didn’t encounter any during our testing.

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Fulmine Software Compass

Fulmine Software is a Google Play developer who has an excellent, simple compass app. It has all of the standard functions and can operate without the use of a GPS or a data connection. You also get a constant message that includes your heading as well as a magnetic and true heading. Of course, GPS makes it operate a little better, but any compass should. Both the free and paid versions contain almost no permissions, as well as useful features such as latitude and longitude coordinates.

KWT Digital Compass

KWT is a Google Play developer who has a digital compass app. It functions similarly to the majority of the others. It tells you which way to go after you calibrate it. Slope angle, magnetic field strength, sensor status, and a few more possibly helpful data elements are included in this one. It lacks some of the more advanced features seen in other compass apps, such as genuine addresses. However, navigation applications are better at that, so an app that is just a nice, basic compass is appreciated. It’s inexpensive, it works, and the user interface is appealing.

PixelProse SARL Compass

Compass by PixelProse SARL is one of the few free compass apps that are completely ad-free. For the most accurate readings, the app relies on GPS. Install-on-SD support, altitude measurements, a Qibla-specific compass, sunrise and sunset times, and relatively decent accuracy after calibration are among the additional features. It’s sensitive to magnetic cases, like most, and its calibration isn’t as good as others. To obtain the greatest results with this one, you’ll need GPS. Aside from that, it’s a decent free choice.

Compass Steel 3D

One of the best-looking compass applications on the list is Compass Steel 3D. It features a large number of themes for personalization, which sets it apart from the competition. Sunrise and sunset times, true and magnetic north, a sun direction indication, moon-rise and moon-set times, and a moon direction indicator are among the additional features. Hikers and boaters will enjoy this more than any other pastime. Its self-calibration feature is basically a miss, but we don’t have any other issues with it. It’s impossible to find fault with a free program that doesn’t require in-app purchases and just works. We put this in the bonus area because it has only recently started receiving updates. Its most recent update was in 2017, so let’s hope the developer stays up with it.

Just a Compass

Another simple compass app is Just a Compass. It provides the fundamentals, such as magnetic and true north, as well as some extras, such as dawn and sunset times, latitude and longitude readings, and more. This one additionally includes EGM96 geoid referencing as well as UTM compatibility. The software is completely free, with no advertisements or additional permissions. That’s that about “Best Compass App for Android Device”

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