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World Cup Qualifiers: Brazil Vs Argentina Saga; Government Lunch Proper Investigation

Moments after the disgracefully incidence in Brazil that led to the suspension of the world cup qualifying match between Brazil and Argentina, Brazil’s federal police made known they had commenced a formal investigation into the reactions of the Argentine players said to have breached the country’s/ local law guiding its quarantine rules on COVID-19.

The order carries that any visitor that have been in the UK in 14 days before entering the country ( Brazil) must observe the compulsory quarantine for 14 days on entrance.

An official spokesperson in the security agencies disclosed that they are able to confirm that an investigation has begun on the issue considering a possible crime of feeding the legal authorities with information that are not true.

Players were advised to vacate the country, which is a normal thing, and inputs from respective players were obtained.

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Addressing the European Club Association’s general assembly in a video chat, FIFA president Gianni Infantino asked Europe to show consideration in its football schedules/ activities in order to help South America solve its qualification issues. Automatically, the interrupted match has caused a stall in the qualifiers for the South America.

This took place after the UK Government refused the order Infantino gave over quarantine exemptions to footballers to enable them achieve their international commitments.

Eventually, players playing their ply in UK will have to return to continue their club commitments and this is a very complicated circumstance.

During the first quarter of the year, March to be precised, players from South American continents were all with their respective clubs but as the situation is now, they have to report for the qualifiers for their international commitments with their national teams. In solidarity, there should be a considerate and absolute understanding situation.

Gianni Infantino further expressed that football federations should accord that single regard to countries who only see their best players when they play for their national teams. Hence, the World Cup has to be protected, said the World football’s body boss.

September has not been ideal, as a result from this, there should be apt achievement and the right compromise for October and November and next year, the FIFA president added.


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