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Messi Went Deeply Emotional During Farewell

The unbelievable happened to the arguably GOAT as he tears out delivering last speech at Barcelona.

From the look of things, it’s very clear Messi had no thoughts of leaving Barcelona for no single reason. But the unexpected happened.

This was clearly made known by the 6 Times World Best player during his farewell ceremony organized by Barcelona to bid him farewell.

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“I was convinced to stay here at Barcelona. This is my home, our home.
I wanted to stay at Barca and it was the plan…and today I have say goodbye after my entire life here” said Messi.

He was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife and 3 kids.

His speech was backed up with a long standing ovation and applauds as he (Messi) tears out.

His next stop is believed to be PSG where he will be with Sergio Ramos his closes rival back in LaLiga, and then be fighting for each other instead of fighting against each other.

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