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How Sporting Activities In Afghanistan Are hindered By Taliban Activities

For a period of time now, the American military plane has been preparing to arrive Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, to assist to safely evacute Afghanistan’s women cricketers through the airport since on 21st August, who are hoping to leave the country as to be free from Taliban rule.

Other countries, such as Australia, have assisted in their own way. In August, a total of 50 female athletes were evacuated by the Australian government. World football governing body, FIFA released a report that they are making tight arrangements for evacuation of footballers and athletes in other sports from the country that has been taken over by Talibans.

One of ICC’s spokeswoman disclosed that the body is monitoring the situation in the country through the Afghanistan Cricket Board and they are doing exactly what is expected of an organization like them to its members who is in a situation like this by rendering supports to them.

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Contrary to the report of the ICC, is a statement by Taqwa who made it clear that the ICC have not contacted them directly nor contacted the country’s women cricketers. Taqwa went on disclosing that the ACB have not shown much but very little interest in their welfare.

According to Taqwa “The ICC never help us, they always disappoint us. The ICC is talking with those people who are against women’s cricket, like the new ACB chairman,” she adds, in reference to Azizullah Fazli, who was appointed after the Taliban takeover.

When a question about if any form of support is still coming from the ACB to the women’s cricket, Mr Shinwari ultered that it is vested in the future government to see to that.

The current situation not put into consideration, another cricket figure by name Asel strongly believes the team can come together again. She went one saying that Afghanistan athletes still have hope of a better future if they are alive.

Hareer, another Cricketer in Afghanistan dreams of being a strong Afghan woman who can change other people’s lives, a role model for other Afghan women and girls. She’s proud of herself and that’s the only thing that matters to her. As such she hopes to change the minds of a few men in Afghanistan.

Though there is Islamic culture that does not permit a woman to play cricket but Hareer loves Cricket and her dream of becoming an international Cricket player is unquenched.

They believe that if they are taken else where, it will be a boast to them for a hopeful life. They also believe in God to help them out in this murderous situation.


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