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EPL: Protocols Can’t Change Because Of Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo Says Simon Jordan.

Crystal Palace former owner, Simon Jordan said openly that no matter how depreciated the level of football would be and the blackout of 3pm football, not even one change of rule will be different because of Ronaldo’s presence in the Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo who rejoin the Red Devils from Italian top side Juventus in the summer transfer, can make his return debut when Newcastle United visit Old Trafford this weekend after the international break.

The match slated for 3pm indicate that it will not be broadcast on live TV by broadcasters in the Uk.

The five times world best player could be visible on live football on TV for people to watch, from his Second debut match if he plays.

The reason for the 3pm blackout is a result of a resolution taken in 1960s due to the fact that spectators may be few in the Stadia when such football matches are viewed on live TV and taking away kick-offs schedule of 3pm.

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According to these measures, Ronaldo’s EPL return first match will not be possible for broadcast on live TV around the United Kingdom. This will only multiply the disappointment many fans have about the rule, which ceased though not permanently during the coronavirus pandemic.

Issuing interview to talkSPORT, the former Crystal Palace owner disclosed, “We can’t sit here and say, on one hand, player power has got out of hand and then change a protocol that exits because one Herbert is rocking back to England to play games.”

However, Jordan also remarked that the Portuguese star is fantastic footballer as such, many people are desperate to watch him.

Jordan also suggested that the fixtures should be adjusted because Ronaldo’s most match times may be 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And this will still be same as the case may be.

Jordan didn’t believe that Television broadcasters have not advocated for a change of the match time from the 3pm to 5pm. Where by they should be the first for higher patronage to go their way.

He understands that there is no call for a 3pm watershed because originally, when it was brought in, by  Bob Lord at Burnley then, been the architect of it, he believed that attendances would be little with live football viewed by this time compare with moving it away from 3pm kick-offs.

Evaluating this facts, Jordan added that, that is non existent now in the way things are now in football. Hence, crowd can still troop to the stadiums in their numbers more than ten times the number it should be by then filling it. As such, the 1900 policy should have a review possibly a change or amendment.

Presently, that is not the case. The situation should be that these matches will have to be broadcasted at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In Malaysia, where so many viewers are, to pay much to watch these matches will be an interesting task as the will not want to pay because the time the game is shown does not correspond with them.

With speculations every where, there will still be another problem.


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