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Danny Murphy Reacts to Chelsea’s Current Form

In recent years, the current Chelsea team have been really formidable that they can match up with any top team in the world.

Chelsea ended last season landing the European Champions League in Stamford Brigde and are still in a top form.

Metro UK captured Murphy reacting to this “Chelsea have built some squad at Stamford Bridge and are brimming with confidence,”

Murphy wnet further to elaborate on his points pertaining the current Champions League holders “They ended last season by winning the Champions League and took that form into the game against Crystal Palace.

Reacting to Chelsea’s manager current set up of the team, the 44 year old former English footballer believe it’s an outstanding development. “For Thomas Tuchel to make so many changes and for everyone to be at it right away was impressive….”

Murphy pose that the changes in the team so far will help maintain and keep the teams current form for a longer time.

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