How to buy tickets without a service fee

The question of how to buy tickets to events without paying fees worries many fans. Today in the entertainment sector there is a great demand for tickets in different directions: sports, music, theater. Frankly speaking, the global trend towards inflation is reflected in the cost of tickets, so many people do not want to pay fees, they are trying to find an option to buy a ticket without additional costs. I would like to emphasize right away that many make a mistake: in pursuit of a cheap ticket, they fall into the hands of scammers, eventually remaining without a ticket and money. You can buy a ticket without fees, but you need to take a responsible legal ticket and choose the good service on which you will make a purchase.

The most popular variants to buy a ticket without fees

Today, you can see many offers of cheap tickets on the Internet. Do not believe everyone who promises to sell you a legal ticket. Only some websites sell tickets to events without commission. The most famous and reliable of them as of today are TickPick and Megaseats. We emphasize right away that tickets on these services are not cheap. That is, sometimes buying on another site with a commission will cost you less. There is no pattern: this is a secondary market where sellers set prices, and sometimes the site management does not interfere in the pricing process. In rare cases, a limitation system may operate, but as a rule, the service does not interfere in this process. Important! Before you buy a ticket to an event, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the site. Yes, not all of them operate by the same rules. The impression that all ticket sales sites are like twin brothers is very deceptive. If you carefully read the user agreement and guarantees, you can find many differences that will help you choose a site that is suitable for you in all parameters.

Risks when buying a ticket and bits of advice

Many fans, especially the young and inexperienced, naively believe that there are few risks when buying tickets on the Internet. That’s not so. Unfortunately, failures often occur that relate to the authenticity of tickets and timely delivery. To avoid rejection, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  •  Read the delivery information carefully. This paragraph should describe in detail the conditions, terms, and compensation for damages in case of problems.
  •  Do not use the services of ticket sales sites that do not offer you guarantees
  •  Carefully study the guarantees: some sites shift all responsibility for possible problems to sellers, which is the most inconvenient and bad option
  • Take your time. Haste is the enemy of the fan. First, analyze all the options and only then buy a ticket
  •  Before buying a ticket, carefully study the rules of the site, especially those written in small print. It is there that information about additional fees may be hidden.
  •  Specify in which currency payments for the ticket are accepted. If you are a holder of a bank card not in US dollars, then you may incur losses during the final conversion

Megaseats: tickets without fees

As an example of one of the legal sites where you can buy tickets without commissions, let’s give the Megaseats service. The site is well known in the world and this service is rated quite highly by users. The site allows you to purchase tickets to various events from all over the world. Most of these events allow purchasing tickets from the respective venues directly. The main thing in the work of the site, according to users, is reliability and unconditional compliance with guarantees. If the ticket is not delivered on time or the event is canceled, Megaseats never avoids refunds and does not shift responsibility. The service does not charge for its services, therefore it is an excellent option for buying tickets without fees. Of course, this fact does not guarantee you a cheap purchase: do not forget that the ticket can be expensive even without adding commissions.

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