Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life: Nigerian Woman Shares Her Story

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  • Nigerian woman, Sefi Oyeyemi, shares her secret to a long and healthy life at 123 years old.
  • She attributes her longevity to maintaining clean blood vessels and promoting good circulation.
  • Oyeyemi emphasizes the importance of detoxifying the blood vessels regularly to prevent diseases and increase lifespan.

Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life: Nigerian Woman Shares Her Story


Sefi Oyeyemi, a remarkable Nigerian woman born in 1900, has achieved an incredible milestone as she approaches her 123rd birthday. Recognized as the oldest person in Nigeria, Oyeyemi has outlived not only her peers but also the subsequent generations. In an exclusive interview, she reveals the key to her long and healthy life and shares her wisdom with the world.

The Importance of Clean Blood Vessels

Oyeyemi credits her longevity to the concept of clean blood vessels, a principle she learned from Mr Deen, a physician in her village. Inspired by her sister’s successful recovery from health issues through vessel treatment, Oyeyemi and her family started prioritizing the health of their blood vessels. Even though her parents lived until 87, Oyeyemi surpassed their lifespan, reaching an astounding 123 years.

Detoxifying the Blood Vessels

According to Oyeyemi, the secret to a long life lies in regularly detoxifying the blood vessels. Over time, vessels accumulate dirt and substances that were not absorbed, leading to vessel damage and reduced blood circulation. Poor blood circulation affects the overall condition of organs, such as the kidneys, stomach, liver, and even the brain.

The Power of Improved Blood Circulation

By improving blood circulation and revitalizing the organs, people can increase their lifespan and overall health. Oyeyemi encourages individuals with weak health to focus on cleansing their blood vessels, as it allows for better nutrient absorption and organ functionality. While not everyone may achieve her remarkable lifespan, they can undoubtedly enjoy several additional years of life with enhanced well-being.

Success Stories and Neglected Advice

Oyeyemi shares anecdotes of people she advised to cleanse their blood vessels. One particular case involved a man with high blood pressure and initial signs of cardiac issues. By following Oyeyemi’s guidance, the man and his family successfully cleansed their blood vessels, resulting in improved health and the husband’s longevity. Despite her efforts to spread this valuable knowledge, many have neglected her advice in favour of medication, unaware of the potential benefits of vessel cleansing.


Sefi Oyeyemi, Nigeria’s oldest person at the remarkable age of 123, attributes her secret to a long and healthy life to the maintenance of clean blood vessels. She advocates for the regular detoxification of vessels to promote better blood circulation, leading to healthier organs and increased lifespan. Oyeyemi’s advice has proven successful in numerous cases, emphasizing the importance of vessel care in achieving longevity and good health.

Source: Editorial Times