Robert Kardashian: How Much Money Did He Leave For His Children?

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Robert George Kardashian was born on February 22, 1944. He was born in California to  American parents, Arthur Kardashian and Helen Jean Kardashian. 

Robert was an attorney and a businessman by profession, he is famous  as the friend and defense attorney of O. J. Simpson during Simpson’s murder trial in 1995. From his first wife, Kris Kardashian (later Jenner), he had four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob. They are known for their family reality television series called “Keeping Up With The Kardashians’’.

Robert Kardashian grew up in the wealthy View Park area. He studied at the Susan Miller Dorsey High School and graduated with a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Southern California in 1966. Robert Kardashian pursued his J.D. degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and practised law for a decade before going into business.

History of Robert Kardashian

In 1973, Kardashian and his partners founded Radio and  Records, a trade publication, which was sold for an important profit in 1979. He also campaigned playing music in  films in theaters. He then carried the idea into a business,  he started his  own organization  called Movie Tunes. Kardashian filled in as president and C.E.O. of the firm. Later, he invested in a frozen yogurt organization called Juice Inc and Concert Cinema, a music video business.

Kardashian and Kris Jenner remained good friends even after their split. They also shared custody of their children. 

Not long after separating from Kris Jenner in 1991, Kardashian was engaged to Denice Shakarian Halicki, his third cousin, but they were never married. Kardashian married Jan Ashley in 1998, but after 30 days, the marriage ended. Robert Kardashian dated Ellen Pierson for three years, and they got married six weeks before his death.

At the age of 59, Robert Kardashian was diagnosed with cancer. On September 30, 2003, he passed away at his home in Los Angeles. Kardashian was buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in California.

How Much Money Did Robert Kardashian Leave For His Children?

 Kardashian is rumored  to have  left his children a huge $100 million estate in trust. Not much is known about the exact details of his will, making it hard to verify the said amount. But according to TV presenter and an old friend of the Kardashian matriarch, Kathie Lee Gifford, the family experienced financial struggles. “Kris was having financial problems,” Gifford told People. I loaned Kris money years ago because he needed it. They were really struggling.” She was the one who suggested that the family did a reality show. 

This is when reality television was just getting a hold,” said the TV personality. “I told Kris, ‘You guys of all people in the world should have a reality series. You should, it’s made for your beautiful children. You and [then-wife Caitlyn Jenner] at this point now are so interesting.’ Their dynamic was so interesting.

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It was obviously a brilliant idea. The reality show was a huge success and ran for twenty seasons. The Kardashian family has since continued their show on the streaming service Hulu, rebranding the title to ‘’The Kardashians’’.

Kylie Jenner alone was once named the “The youngest self-made billionaire ever,” though her net worth has decreased to below that benchmark since then. And with her 10% momager commission, Kris Jenner has also amassed a total net worth of $190 million.

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