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Signs To Know Your Mr. Right

Signs To Know Your Mr Right – Love is indeed beautiful but most times ladies usually get confused about who could be their Mr Right.

The following are the signs to know your Mr Right

Love chemistry

There must be a physical chemistry between both partners, with this electrifying energy between partners by mere holding of hands, after being together for some years.
Having Genuine Interest in your Life. He must ask about your goals and hopes, he would even want to know how your day went by checking on you. He will be comfortable sharing the information with you. You will also be comfortable with telling your Mr. Right anything, because you trust him and I know he has your interest at heart.

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Comfortable Atmosphere

The rights man gives you space. You might be in a relationship but he would never want to control you in any way he lets you pursue your interest, hang out with your friends and just have a good time in peace and in return you must also try to give him some space to.
No Dull Moment
There are no dull moment around your Mr Right he always has a way of making you laugh so hard. Moments with him will always be fun filled like random dancing, singing, cracking of Jokes and others.

Family and Close Friends like Him

If your family and close friends approve of him, it is a good sign that you’ve met your Mr Right but be careful if your family and close friends don’t like him.

He Likes Your Family

Again, if he likes your family that’s a good start but this does not really guarantee that your union will strive. But then, it is much easier when you have each other’s family approval and blessings, that way, everyone gets along better.

No Keeping Of Secret

He does not keep secrets from you because he trust and loves you so much that he tells you anything. He is completely honest with you, even with sensitive topics like his past relationship. By this, you know he would not deliberately cheat, deceive or betray you in any way.

He Always Fight Fair

He never results to any sort of violence doing a misunderstanding in the relationship. Meaning, you can tell him your mind without fear that it would result to a physical abuse. Your Mr Right can criticize and correct you without you misunderstanding the intention behind it.

Shares Similar Goals Like Yours

Yes, you both are different beings and may not always agree on everything but your Mr right will always have the same goals with yours. For instance, the country you would love your kids to be groomed, numbers of kids, place to travel to, basically all goals, ambitions and values matches with that of your Mr. Right.

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He Brings Certain Change In Your life

He opens your eyes to new things. For example you always felt working out was stressful, until you met your Mr. Right who changed that idea.

He Never Forgets Certain Things About You

He never forgets any little details about you, always remembers important milestones in your relationships like birthdays anniversaries etc. He also never forgets everything you have told him about yourself.

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