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What Attracts a Man to a Lady

What Attracts A Man to Lady – Women generally, love to receive compliments, a simple ‘ I love your smile ‘ could change the mood, communicating that you are showing interest. Attracting a man is way better than trying to seduce a man. It is said that a man is attracted to what he sees and that’s correct. The physical features of a lady tends to attract a man more. However, what works for someone else, might not work for another person, that is why people’s preference are different. There is also a believe that your attitude can attract you to people but science has shown that men are attracted to ladies based on some certain features:

Dimples on the Cheek

This is one physical feature that attracts a man. Dimple is a small indentation on the cheek that tends to give a physical attraction. You must also understand that while others have dimples, some have a kiss. A kiss is when you do not have the small indentation on both sides of the cheek, but only on one side of the cheek. Dimples give an adorable touch to your look and generally makes the faces more pretty.

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Gap between the Tooth

This is also one of the things that can attract a man. Diastema, which is known as gap tooth is seen as a beauty. It gives a more beautiful and attractive smile.

Smell Nice

Smelling nice is not essentially about wearing strong perfumes. You could consider sticking to something nice and feminine. Femininity tends to attract men more. While this goes obviously with being neat, overdoing stuffs may be repulsive. When you smell amazing, you can attract a man instantly that he wants to spend more time in your company. However, to attract the man, consider moderation.


A baby face feature attracts a man because of the large eyes, small nose and small chin. There is a strong confirmation that, individuals with babyface reveals trust, cooperation and warmth.

Nice teeth and Smiling Face

Smiling is one way to call a man’s attention, especially when it is done naturally. Sometimes, pretty teeth also has a role to play in attraction.

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The Curvature of the Spine

The inclination of a woman spinal curve adds to the overall appearance of the butt, which finds a way of attracting men.

Wear a Nice Makeup

Now, wearing nice dresses and the right colour of lipstick could do the trick but knowing the kind of makeup that suits the occasion is super. No matter how little the chemistry seems to be, you don’t need to spend time on a complete do-over to attract a man. You may consider using something soft; less sometimes is more.

Thickness of hair

An healthy hair shows vitality and youth. It is capable of gaining a man’s attention, because it associate with fertility, beauty and femininity. However, most women put more effort in having an healthy hair that main tend to notice easily.

Healthy Looking Skin

Having a glowing skin is the greatest way to attract anyone’s attention. An healthy skin speaks louder than words it’s makes you the center of attraction.

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