9 Early Signs to Spot An Unhealthy Relationship

9 Early Signs to Spot An Unhealthy Relationship – There are several early signs that could be noticed when heading into a bad relationship. Being in a relationship with the wrong person will affect you emotionally and otherwise. If you’ve ever being in a dysfunctional relationship, then, you will know how the system operates. However, being in an unhealthy relationship is really worse than not being in no relationship at all.

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Toxic relationship zaps the energy that you need for a better relationship and denies you the ability to look for a better relationship and redraws you from socializing. It is important you spot these early signs and reconsider, if this is the person you would love to spend your life with. For your emotional, mental and physical being, pay adequate attention to common bad relationship early signs.

Talks about his or her ex

If your partner talks about his or her ex always, whether positive or negative reasons, that’s a sign that he or she has not forgotten about his or her ex and letting you into their life is on probability.

Red flag, If your partner had never suggested that you join them for trips

Whether business, fun or just normal trip , if your partner never considers asking you to go along with them, then, that’s a big red flag. Again, if your partner never keeps in touch when they’re away, red flag!

Your Partner Doesn’t Introduce You To Family, Friends and in Public

If he or she doesn’t introduce you to his or her friends as a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or spouse to other people and when asked why he or she doesn’t identify you as someone he or she is in a relationship with, they often say that those names don’t describe how much they love you.

Red flag, if your partner doesn’t intentionally wants to meet with your family

It is one thing to be nervous about meeting your partner’s family but another to continually avoid meeting them or other important people in your partner’s life. This happens, when your partner are not serious with you, look out for this in your relationship.

They never invite you to important events in their lives.

If your partner doesn’t intentionally invites you for their annual dinner night at work place, friend’s wedding and family event. This is a clear sign that you’re in a bad relationship.

They don’t compliment and never takes a picture with you

If your partner doesn’t take notice of changes in your hair style , dresses and shoes, then your in an unhealthy relationship because, in a non -toxic relationship your partner is fully present with their partners. Also, if they doesn’t like taking pictures with you and if they do, is always with an odd face as though he or she was beaten to take the photo.
Uninterested in your goals or what you do.

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A serious partner will be interest in his or her partner goals or what they do, how you intend to achieve these goals and could possibly help you attain these goals.
Always in a hurry for you to leave his or her house

Your partner’s home should always be welcoming that he can freely allow stay in his or her house without fear but when he or she is afraid to leave his or her house or does like surprise visit, then, they are worried you’ll find out what they’re hiding.

Red flag, if you’ve never met his or her friends

If you have never met any of your friends, then, there’s something your partner doesn’t want you to know. Most times the friends get to tell you, if he or she loves you or not.

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