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Relationship And Dating Tips: What Keeps A Man


1. Virginity does not keep a man.

Sex does not keep a man.

Money does not keep a man.


2.A man can have sex with you now and the next minute starts calling the woman he loves.


3. You can tell him how you’ve kept yourself for years for him and the next day he’s trying to chase after who his heart longs for.


4.You can shower him with so much money and gifts and he’ll use that money and gifts to pamper a lady he is dieing for.


5. He can promise 10 girls the world and marriage and break all their hearts for the one he loves.


6. A man is a chaser.

He chases his dreams.

He chases the woman who inspires him.

He chases the woman who challenges him.

He chases the woman who fits his vision.


7. The more you worry about a man, the more you lose him.


8. The more you try to keep him and monitor him, the more frustrated you become.


9. The more you sniff into his phone to checkup messages and all that, the more you feel you’re in the wrong place.


10. Sex is not love to men.

Be a woman who value herself.

Be a woman who rules men on her knees.

Be a woman who chases after your vision.

Be a woman of many talent and means.

Be a woman of passion and character.

Be a woman who inspires.

Be a woman who provide solution every time.

Be a woman with worth, pride, and value.

Be a woman with attitude and courteousness.


11.Such women bring men to their knees.

Such woman keep men sleepless at night.

Such women keep men craving for more.

Such women win the loyalty of men.

Such women have their man fight for them.

Such women kill the desire for other women in the heart of a man.

Such women are irresistible and irreplaceable in the hearts of men.

Such women become an addiction.

They’re idolized by men.

They are made queens.

They’re priceless.

They don’t beg to be loved.

They don’t struggle for attention.




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