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Reasons why Women Get Fed Up in Relationships

Reasons why Women Get Fed Up in Relationships – Relationship is a sexual or romantic involvement, while love is a profound or caring affection and attraction towards someone. Women are the most helpful members of a partnership, but they, too, have the same temperament as males, since they get bored more easily. They frequently withdraw from long-term relationships because they are dissatisfied with a partnership that lacks love, romance, and excitement.

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It is normal to imagine what could have gone wrong in your relationship as a guy. Probably, when your girlfriend begins to act different and begins to show signs of being tired of you and the whole relationship thing. If your girlfriend start acting up or giving you attitude, here are the five major reason that you had fallen out.

You stopped being the guy she knew

This is one of the annoying things for a lady, when the guy she fell for suddenly stop doing what he had being doing before the beginning of the relationship. If she met you as a guy who was sweet to her, was supportive, not failing to check up on her, keeps looking out for her and the rest, then you have to keep up with that don’t relent. If you stop doing those things, don’t be surprise if she get fed up, reasons that she’s seeing a total different person.

Your priorities Immediately Change

Do you remind and show her how special she is? Do you still hold her in high esteem and make it visible in things you do and the decision you take?
If the reply is No, this is possibly one of the reasons she’s fed up with you. No one ever wants to be placed low on the list of priorities and what you hold dear, especially by her partner. If you job and friends happens to take much of you than your partner, be prepared that she will gradually get tired of the relationship.

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Bad Sex

If your sex game is not 10 over 10, the, there’s a high and possible chance that the dissatisfaction should push her into wanting a way out of the relationship.

You’re Cheating on her

Certainly, cheating on her is a game changer, if you are a unrepentant, or a serial cheat , your partner will definitely want to back out of the relationship. No faithful woman deserves to be cheated upon, and honestly , back in out of the relationship is the best decision.


Have you stop respecting her or her decisions? Do you try to control her life?
Then surely you deserve whatever treatment you are being given and in a short while she will definitely dump you.

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