Dear Ladies, Here are 6 Major Things to Know Before First Time Sex

Dear Ladies, Here are 6 Major Things to Know Before First Time Sex – As you mature, you may begin to wonder what it feels like to have sex for the first time and how it feels and how to handle anxiety that may come with it. Several thought will come to your mind and whether it may hurt?

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During sex, you might breathe heavily and sweat, and your skin could become flushed. These changes are caused by the physical nature of sex. Again, while having sex, your vulva may also become swollen due to increased blood flow. After sex, your body will go back to normal, just like it would after exercise. Read on to find out about the 6 things you should do when having sex for the first time.

Express what you want.

Telling your partner what you like and dislike when it comes to sex is necessary. Discuss with your partner positions you would love to try. Basically, communicating with your partner about sex would be a greater help of having a better sex.

Calm down, Sex should never hurt

Many women usually believe that first time do hurt a lot. However, there are possibilities that you might feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be really painful. Meanwhile, the pain is as a result of a friction and the friction occurs when there isn’t enough lubrication to ease entry.

You might bleed and may not

Sex doesn’t change anything in your body. Moreover, women are born with hymen, which is a membrane in the vagina that could stretch or tear during exercise like yoga and first time sex and other activities. Similarly, when having sex for the first time , your hymen stretches and bleeding may likely occur. Mist importantly, bleeding doesn’t occur during first time always, some persons have broken their hymen before having their first time sex.


The more aroused you get, chances are that you’ll have a better sex. Therefore, don’t neglect foreplay, including manual sex, oral sex, old fashioned kissing and touching which help you feel relax with your body and that of your partner.

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Don’t worry about Orgasm

Having orgasm during first time is quite difficult to achieve. This is due to the fact that, first time is awkward and an uncomfortable affair. This feeling is normal, however, sex without orgasm can also be enjoyable and a better way for partners to connect.
You might feel the pressure to give your partner — or yourself — an orgasm. Many people do give and receive orgasms the first time they have sex, but not everyone does.
Understand that Sex is a skill that you can get better with over time. Much like driving, or even walking, you might not be brilliant at it immediately.

Getting pregnant is one probability

It is true that you might get pregnant during first time but as a lady , if you have started seeing your period, the don’t take chances. If you don’t want to get pregnant, use birth control while having sexual intercourse.


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