Regions in Eritrea

Eritrea is divided into 6 administrative regions. Here is a list of all the zobas in Eritrea:

Regions in Eritrea

  1. Anseba
  2. Debub (Southern)
  3. Debubawi K’eyih Bahri (Southern Red Sea)
  4. Gash-Barka
  5. Maekel (Central)
  6. Semenawi Keyih Bahri (Northern Red Sea)
Eritrea flag
Eritrea flag


Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location Horn of Africa, bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti
Capital Asmara
Official Languages Tigrinya, Arabic, and English
Population Approximately 3.5 million as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 117,600 square kilometers (45,400 square miles)
Geography Diverse landscape with highlands and coastal areas
Independence From Ethiopia on May 24, 1993
Government Single-party presidential republic
Currency Eritrean nakfa (ERN)
Notable Places Asmara’s Art Deco architecture, Dahlak Archipelago, Massawa
Official Website Not available


What are the 10 provinces of Eritrea?

  • The country has six regions and sub-regions

How many regions is Eritrea divided into?

  • The country has six regions.

What are the 6 Zobas of Eritrea?

The six regions, also known as Zobas, of Eritrea are:

  1. Anseba Region
  2. Debub Region (Southern Region)
  3. Gash-Barka Region
  4. Maekel Region (Central Region)
  5. Northern Red Sea Region
  6. Southern Red Sea Region

Which region is the smallest in Eritrea?

The smallest region in Eritrea is the Southern Red Sea Region.

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